Why Afk Arena Is The Top Favorite Of Mobile Gamers Today?

Talk about the latest favorite in the mobile gaming space and AFK Arena tops the chart with élan. The game is a highly engaging RPG multiplayer game which belongs to the idle tap genre. Launched by Lilith Games, the game is available for both iOS and Android players. The post below offers a brief on the main reasons behind the rising popularity of the game today.

Simple mechanics

One of the main factors behind the fast growing fan base of AFK Arena is its simple and easy mechanics. Gaming is for fun. If you have to learn too many controls and tiers, things get slightly complex and baffling. But, you don’t have such issues with AFK Arena. Since it’s an idle tap number, the game can be played in just a few taps. You will simply tap on screen for generating an action or else you can wait and the screen will generate independently. All you will have to do here is nothing but click, wait as well as upgrade & repeat.

Less faction types

This is one point that makes AFK Arena more convenient than other idle tap counterparts. You only have six faction types here that offer 25 percent bonus. When you look at other games from the same genre, you have to deal with 7 or even more faction types. Now, so many faction types make things extremely complicated and might even spoil the fun altogether.

Superhero theme

The game is themed on superheroes- one of the most loved themes since ages. No wonder, gamers have found a new favorite in AFK Arena.

 Auto battle

This particular feature of the game has singlehandedly driven up the popularity quotient of AFK Arena. The battles are always automated and quick. All the heroes here have the power to attack automatically that makes things more enjoyable, convenient and fun for gamers. Manual input from players is only needed when one has to trigger special attack. In fact, you even have the option of not launching the special attack manually. Just tap on “AUTO” tab and the attacks would be launched automatically.

Requires less attention

Unlike many other regular games, AFK Arena does not force you to stay hooked to the screen during the gameplay. In fact, you can carry out other tasks easily while playing the game. It requires very less attention and you can play it during your mini coffee breaks or while you need a break while binge-watching your favorite series.

The game strategy in AFK is mostly inclined on who a player is getting into battle as well as how he lays out the heroes. It is not at all based on your capacity to trigger abilities bang on time or to attacking decisions. The game asks for attention sparingly which makes life wee easier.

The gamers here can set the training of their heroes automatically and they need not be physically present there to do things manually. Your heroes will work to amass wealth on their own while you are busy in some other task. And when you will come back to the game, you will have great rewards waiting for you. Doesn’t that sound awesome? You bet. No wonder, AFK Arena commands a growing member base.

Vast resources

Another excellent thing about the game is the sea of resources available for the AFK players. Whether you want to know about gears or ascend, you have guides for that. You will also get AFK Arena Tier List – Best Heroes for PvP and PvE (Updated) if you want to know about best heroes for different levels..

Gamers have given a series of rave reviews on the game. According to some, this game is a bliss for busy persons thanks to its auto mode. They have also loved the free game character codes of AFK Arena and expect a more promising growth in near future. Besides, some gamers have also loved the fact how the characters are portrayed in the game. All the characters here have a solid background and the game offers beautifully crafted descriptions for them.

Moreover, AFK Arena gamers have also appreciated the immaculate art style and its stylish portraits that make the game really inviting. AFK Arena is certainly a beautifully stylized game.