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Vacuums Perfect for Wood and Laminate Floors

Though there are a wide variety of vacuums out there, there are few that are great – or at least adequate – when it comes to hard floors such as wood, laminate or tile. But they do exist, some of which are described in detail below.

Bosch Compact Plus Hard Floor Canister Vacuum

Though this vacuum is a bit on the expensive side – around $250 – it is targeted specifically to hard flooring, and does a more-than-adequate job at that. It’s also compact, which is great for cleaning smaller rooms or if you live in an overall small place, such as an apartment. Many compact-style vacuums aren’t very high quality, but this one is very effective and versatile. The 11 amps motor provides great suction (which you can adjust from minimum to maximum power) and the HEPA filter system works at clearing out airborne particles. It also comes with a full set of different attachments, rubbered wheels that won’t scratch up your floor, and a polishing pad for a floor that sparkles and shines. Aside from doing a good job on hard floors, it also works well on rugs and carpeting.

Bissell 7340 Flip-It Select Hard Floor Cleaner with Heat

This vacuum goes for around $100-120, and works not only as a dry vacuum, but a heated wet-mop as well. It’s lightweight, yet powerful, with great suction ability when it comes to picking up dirt, dust and other particles. The heater helps to clear dirt that is harder to get rid of, whether on hard floor (whether wood, tile, laminate, marble, etc.) or carpet – but when using the wet mop on hard flooring, the heat option also helps dry it faster. You can even use all the modes at once, if you prefer – vacuum particles from your floor, then flip it over and start mopping. After mopping, turn the heater on and dry your floor with optimum results. It comes with a small amount of wood floor and hard surface clearners with a cleaning pad, but it’s recommended to invest in some more cleaner and pads yourself. That way you will have enough cleaner to go around, and be able to switch between pads if you switch between rooms. As an added bonus, the cleaning pads and brush are machine washable, saving some money in the long run.

Emer Donatello Turbo Plus Floor Vacuum Cleaner

This is another vacuum great for smaller homes and apartments as well as larger areas, along with doing a decent job on both carpets and wood and tile flooring. A special flip brush that can change between carpet and hard floors allows you to clean with ultimate efficiency, and its flexible versatility allows you to clean in even really tight and oddly-shaped spaces, such as under low furniture, baseboards and stairs. It also has multiple speeds for suction power of your choice, and to top it off, its carbon filter helps get rid of home odors and the HEPA filter boasts to capture 99% of all airborne particles. If you can afford it, forking over the $240 needed for this vacuum is well-worth it.

Hoover SteamVac All Terrain 12 Amp Carpet and Hard-Floor Cleaner

Though this is more reminiscent of a steam cleaner more than anything, I feel it must be mentioned because its supreme cleaning power on both carpet and hard flooring of all sorts. Although most invest in this if they want to do some major deep carpet cleaning, it’s worth it to consider if you’re also looking for a decent hard floor cleaner as well. Its Dual V technology provides great suction power, and also comes with specialized SpinScrub brushes, heated cleaning, and an auto-rinse that prevents drying residue on your floor. The downside is that it is heavy and can be quite the burden for huge areas, but it’s probably no different than renting a steam cleaner that will do just as great of a job and may not even be able to clean your hard floors. Although it comes with a hefty price – between $280 and $320 – it’s definitely worth it if you’re planning on doing a lot of deep cleaning, whether on the carpet or your floor. Just the price to buy it alone can cover a one-time job from a professional.

The above vacuums can be found in such places as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or even online retailers such as Amazon.

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