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Top 5 Best Hair Clippers in 2019

Having your own tools and essentials in grooming is definitely a good idea. A uniform DIY buzz cut is absolutely fine as long as you have a powerful, reliable and all around best hair clippers. Thanks for the creation of hair clippers, men no longer have to leave the comfort of their home just to have their hair cut or trimmed. Nowadays, considering that you have the right clippers, you can now personally groom yourselves on your own. If you are interested in turning into hair clippers, you need to be aware that there are several and different brands and models available in the market. Hence, looking for the right clipper can be daunting and challenging. Since the quality of your hair’s cut depends on the quality of your clippers, you must carefully choose the right clippers for you. To help you out, here are some of the best clippers that you can get in the market.

Philips Norelco series 7100 hair clipper

One of the best value clippers in the market is the Philips Norelco series 7100 hair clipper that offers you with 24 variety length settings. It has a two hour life of battery in just 1 hour of charging. It also uses self-sharpening titanium blades and it also uses a turbo boost feature that allows you to cut even through the stronger and thicker hair. If you are going to compare this model to other brands, you’ll see that this clipper is probably one of the best.

Wahl Color Pro hair cutting kit

If you are looking for a budget friendly clipper and yet can provide you quality performance, then Wahl color pro hair cutting kit is the best deal for you. Certainly, you can see this clipper almost everywhere as most of the barbers use this clipper for some reasons. This model is considered as a classic model that is reliable, highly affordable and quality performance at the same time. Wahl color pro also provides you with color-coding for your preferred length and provides you with 9 different guards cutting between 1/16 and 1.

Panasonic Hair Clipper

Another great clipper that you may want to consider is the Panasonic hair clipper. While it may have the steepest price, this model is absolutely a good investment. It is highly graded by professionals and you can achieve several kinds of lengths with its adjustable clipper. If you do haartrimmer test on this clipper, you’ll see that this model provides amazing performance. Hence, the price is absolutely worth it. With its handy features, it is ideal for travellers. The good news is, you can also consider Panasonic hair clipper as a gift for your friend or family.

Remington vacuum-blade hair clipping kit

Remington vacuum-blade hair clipping kit comes with eleven various guards used for tapering and fading that are usually done by professionals. Thus, you’ll have an idea that since this is used by professionals, this model also provides quality performance in cutting and trimming your hair. One of the best things about this model is that it will still run even without a cord charger. It also comes with attachment kit that makes it standout from other models in the market. Additionally, it comes with a vacuum head.

Andis T-blade outliner

If you just want to clean up a perimeter of your cut, you are free to do so by cleaning up your beard, hairlines, neck with this Andis T-blade outliner that can be easily used at home.

With these amazing models, you can now choose the best clippers for you. You just have to consider what exactly you need and which will make you comfortable when grooming.