Top 3 Portable Wheelchair Ramps

A wheelchair ramp is an inclined device that you can use in order to make an easy and accessible way for people with wheelchairs. With the help of these ramps, it is easier for people that are pushing the stroller to enter buildings. There are permanent, semi-permanent, and portable ramps that are available in the market. These ramps are designed specifically by keeping in mind the calcul pente, to make the lives of people using a wheelchair more comfortable. 

Here is the list of the top portable wheelchair ramps that are available in the market:

    1. Drive Medical’s Portable Aluminum Wheelchair and Scooter Ramp with carrying Bag
      This is a really useful portable ramp that is available in a variety of sizes that allows you to accommodate a wide range of patients. With its weight capacity of 600 pounds, you get a really handy portable ramp. You also get a carry bag with this portable ramp so that you can carry this around without any problem. The weight of the ramp also varies depending upon its size. Since there is no installation process as you just have to simply unfold the ramp and place it at the desired place. You get a really useful portable ramp.

      On the plus side, you get a carry bag with the package that allows you to transport this ramp easily. Its cost-effective design is another positive aspect of this ramp. With the help of the perforated slots that are there on the ramp allows water to pass through the ramp completely.

On the downside, the side guards that are there on the ramp might hinder door movements. Moreover, it is not possible to use this ramp to get inside cars and other vehicles.

    1.  Portable Fiberglass Wheelchair Ramp by Travel Ramp
      The second choice in this list, with Portable Fiberglass Wheelchair Ramp you get a fiberglass body that is lightweight yet highly durable. Its tan color makes this ramp really makes it visible and safe for use. The weight of this ramp weighs between 18-30 pounds depending upon the model and the size of the ramp.

      With this ramp, you get added visibility due to its striped colorations along with a textured surface for more grip and safer movements. Since the ramp is made up of fiberglass you can use this ramp at a beach or during chilly weathers as well. Additionally, the raised edges add another layer of security to it.

      On the downside, the fiberglass construction of this ramp is not that durable when you compare it with metal ramps. The price of this ramp is another issue.


  • Suitcase Singlefold Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp by EZ Access Ramps
    Another amazing portable ramp that you can buy. With this ramp, you get full-length hinges that provide you more stability. Moreover, you get a ramp that has slip-resistance tread for added safety. You get this ramp in seven different lengths so that you can choose the variant that is most suitable according to your needs.

On one hand, this is ramp is highly durable and stable because of its low-profile hinges. You also get an ergonomic design that makes this ramp quite flexible and highly portable. Additionally, you get two independent transition plates that enable you to use this ramp on almost every terrain.

On the other hand, single-fold design decreases its compactness as compared to other foldable ramps that are there in the market. Along with that, the aluminum surface is more slippery when you compare it with other surfaces. Since the ramp is solid there are chances of water and dust accumulation as well.