Tips In Wearing Long And Short Necklaces

Through the years, the essence of necklaces has drastically changed. From practically just a piece of accessory to an essential article of fashion, it is undeniable that necklace an important part of every woman’s life. However, with the changing trends both in the accessories and fashion industry, it is important that you are aware of the latest and hottest ways on how you should wear a necklace. You need to recognize that your choice of necklace and the way you wear them will describe your first impression to other people. As such, to help you out, here are some jewelry tips on how to wear long and short necklaces.

Your outfit and your necklace

The very first thing that you have to analyze before you choose the right necklace to wear is to know whether your top needs a necklace in the first place. Generally, a necklace is a piece f your fashion that brings out sophistication and elegance. But it is not every time that you need to wear necklace. But if your necklace is going to be your savior piece, then you have to choose the right one that would compliment your overall outfit. Hence, if you want to wear something like a statement earrings, the necklace will be selected last so that it will be able to support the rest of your OOTD or outfit of the day.

Keep it simple

If your outfit is busy or if you think your top has a lot of designs and styles to show, it is recommended to wear and simple necklace. In that case, a chunky and shorter necklace will suit a busy outfit. Anything that is delicate would not show up against the leopard. Moreover, a necklace will be able to complete the pattern of your design if it is made simple.

Neckline of your top

Another factor that you have to carefully consider when choosing the right necklace to wear is the neckline of your top. As a rule of thumb, if you are wearing a v-neck top, a shorter pendant or a chvker would definitely suit your outfit. Furthermore, if you would like to go for a modern look, it is best to layer a few necklaces with a v-neckline. If you lobe necklaces that come in 3 to 4 layers, then you need to wear something like a v-neck to emphasize their beauty.

Earrings and necklaces

Generally, if you want to choose a necklace that could save your entire outfit, carefully choosing and pairing your necklace and earrings is the best thing to do. You could wear pearl studs as your supporting earrings. This could also come with some cuffs on your dress. But it is not good to wear bracelets if you have cuffs already. Always remember that the simple the accessories are, the better.

Be confident

Finally and most importantly, you need to be confident in every single way. The beauty and elegance of your accessories will be put in vain if you don’t wear them with power and confidence. You should be able to compose yourself, as you are happy and proud with what you are wearing.

Overall, necklace is an important piece of fashion. Hence, choosing and wearing it the right way will definitely save your day.