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The Most Memorable Trip Covering Three Destinations

The end of the month is just around the corner, thereby bringing an end to the first month of the year which could have been good for some and bad for others, while the remaining people had expected nothing much but what they had come to expect in the previous years.

Naturally, everyone is tired after slogging it out in the office from dawn to dusk and   are looking for a certain respite from their busy schedule in order to spend certain time with their remaining limbs.

The concept of hanging out with friends or go to the local restaurant to pass the time has become quite old fashioned so therefore most people prefer a vacation abroad over a jaunt to the nearby locality.

But it becomes difficult to decide where to go and this takes a lot of time to decide. Only last month, it was found out through a recent survey that people in the age group of 25-30 prefer European countries for vacations instead of the Americas, south asia and middle east.

Florida- A Nice Change

However, how about a certain change this year in order to make the trip more interesting and happening compared to that of previous years’ trips. One good place is florida, which will be quite out of the box due to various reasons.


One of them being that winters are in their last lap of the season, thereby making way for summers with their intolerable heat that can make you sweat as profusely as if you are in the sahara desert.

Why, florida is preferable because it is a beach destination and the number one choice for beaches, with Seychelles being a close second (though many people do prefer Seychelles over other countries and that’s saying something).

Marco Islands and everglades are two of the very best cities you can think of in florida to plan a good beach trip, with a tryst in Naples adding up for good measure as Italy is the second best hotspot after France when it comes to romance.

Yes, these are the best places on earth to visit at the moment with your friends and girlfriends as the weather is going to be pleasant and warm to make the hormones rage inside and the spectacular hotel suites to spend sometime alone, away from the watchful eyes of intruders who are nosing around.

What To Do and See?

Marco Island Florida, true to its name, is an exquisite island with a breathtaking beach to enjoy the summer, with many people preferring it to even Honolulu in Hawaii, and move over to everglades after a fortnight and finally, its flat out to naples as the final lap of the vacation.

So, now we are going to talk about what to do and see in these 3 very different places to make it a trip worth a penny so that it can serve a good outcome for future travelers as well as they can take your reviews into consideration regarding the trip.

There is a beautiful national park in everglades that is a must for wildlife lovers with a boat tour to take you around the mangroves surrounded by salt water, along with airboat ride, museums, trading post, etc.


Marco Islands has the very best Plaza Hotel, overlooking the beach that many people book for atleast two months to relax in the lap of luxury.

For Naples, its landmark is the Audubon Swamp Sanctuary that is a good preference for bird lovers.