Survival Training

Survival Gear- The Best Weapon When Out Into The Wilderness

There are two types of people that you will find in this world: One who want to enjoy life to the fullest as long as they live and not stay put at one place for a long time. The other type is the one who are satisfied with what they have and desire a life with nothing but peace, quiet, solace and solitude.

They do not like changes in their lifestyle and are fully content and satisfied with all that life has given them, whether it is more or less. Its not that one type is better or superior than the other but just a matter of perspective and outlook at how you see life: the way it truly is or see it the way you want to see at and ignore/neglect the negative aspects and attributes.

You may belong to either of the aforementioned groups and enjoy life the way you want to and not how others want you to live it. While there are many people who belong to the first category, you will also find many who also belong to the second category.

Yes, you read it right. Even in this modern and new-age 21st century, you can find individuals aplenty who still are traditional, orthodox and old school outlook of life: always listening and adhering to the elders, very introverted in nature, keeping aloof from crowds and gatherings, alienating unwanted and unwelcome elements in their life etc.

Going out for outings with your own family is one thing but doing the same with friends of your own age group is another matter. The first one is where you will always need to toe the line, be formal and dignified most of the time and not do or say anything harsh or use terms that are generally considered bad, uncouth or rarely used in a civilized society or conversation.

Whereas with friends it is an entirely different issue. This, second fact, is considered the exact opposite of the first one where you no longer need to hold on yourself, there is no need to pick and choose your words carefully while using certain terms that are considered uncivilized but are now terms of love, affection and endearment when addressing people of your own age group, give or take a few years. You tend to become more informal and out of the box when out with your own lot. In simple words, you tend to become more of ‘yourself’.

This is where you ‘feel completely at home’, for want of a better phrase, as hanging out with your generation of people that gives you the comfort level that you do not usually enjoy with your parents and elders.

After all, let’s face it, today’s generation is not like the old one. They’re simply not 60 to 70 years back that their forefathers were. It may be interesting to know that they are much more aware of the path they are treading in life and of their general surroundings than they are made out by their elders.

They are young, think and do things that are out of the box and are much more successful and have achieved so much at a young age that their elders could not do even after slogging it out in office for a longer period of time.

The generation of today have come far ahead in their life due to their mindset, outlook, while remaining grounded and retaining their ‘roots’ at the same time, which is much more than their elder counterparts had ever expected of them.

And yet, while still young, they are well settled, get married and have children and are yet admonished with terms like ‘shut up’ “don’t do this” or “don’t do that” ‘you are young’ ‘you are still a child’ etc.

You cannot use these terms and phrases to a ‘child’ today anymore. With the advent of modern technology and technique, the digital revolution of the 21st century, thanks to social media, the current generation of children, born in the second decade of the new millennium, right from infancy, take to a smart phone, with its modern and complex keys and buttons, in their tiny fingers, faster than colorful toys.

They first learn to speak with their eyes and hands and grasp this technique faster than they learn to say their first words (generally mama or papa) and their very first steps. They do this once as soon as they are aware of their surroundings (which is again at a faster pace than their preceding generations did) and also have a mind and thought process of their own.

Today’s topic of discussion will take you down a trip, or remind you, that you had once taken with your friends out into the wilderness where you must have had some of the best and most unforgettable moments of your life with many kinds of adventurous sports and thrilling experiences to share and revel about.

But, what is the most important thing that you always take along with you whenever you are taking a trip of this kind? Something, without which, the trip and journey is impossible to take?

It is what you call the survival gear. Now what is a survival gear? It is a gear or kit that contain the basic and important tools and supplies that will help you in case of an emergency and in dangerous, life threatening situations.

This is something that is an essential commodity that you will need to take along with you that will act as your guide and savior. Without this kit, you will be akin to a disabled person or, say, a serpent without fangs.

If you are looking for the best survival gear or kit with the very best tools and equipments at your disposal, look no further than an online portal called prepper readiness. This portal will give you all the required information and objects necessary for making this trip.

Some of the best survival gear that you would be needing are as follows:

  • Cell phones and bright red light beacons
  • Sextant: It will help you navigate your destination by measuring latitudes and longitudes.
  • A hiking compass
  • The necessary medicines and tablets along with the doctor’s prescription.
  • Picks and shovels for digging, gloves for covering hands due to cold temperature at high altitude
  • Hammer and chisel
  • A fully loaded gun and nets
  • A strong rope for trekking purposes