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Sims 2: How to Turn Your Sim into a Plant & How to Cure Plantism!

When I bought the Sims 2 season, I noticed that my Sims now had the option to like, or dislike Plantism. I had no frigging clue what it was. I figured it was a new hobby or something.

The new game play added gardens, so I figured Plantisim would possibly be a new unique hobby that my Sims could discuss with other Sims. I had no idea that Plantism actually meant that my Sims could turn into a plant! This new feature was quite a surprise to a lot of Sims 2 players as well. There we several new features that were also introduced with the game in their new update for SIMS 4 iOS.  This new update for iOS devices moreover made the gameplay more seamless and interactive as well.

I had done gardening in my Sims for so long, and even achieved gold badges for some of my Sim gardeners, yet I never had anything odder than being able to plant a new fruit or vegetable occur while gardening.

Recently though, my Butler turned into a plant Sim, and up until this event, I never knew what Plantism meant! I was pretty astonished that my Sims 2 game had been hiding this secret from me for so long!

My Sim families butler works on everything from preparing breakfast, greeting guests, and unclogging toilets. You can only get a butler when you purchase Sims 2 Apartment Life.

Anyhow, my Sims had such a huge garden that my butler spent most of his time out in the garden pulling weeds, spraying bugs, or watering plants.

My garden was a normal garden aside from its large size. I did place the garden inside of a green house (there is a misconception that you cannot get Plantism unless you build a garden without a greenhouse! FALSE! Bugs still enter greenhouses; they do in my game anyway.

I also had lady bug posts, so that is yet another misconception that you cannot get Plantism if you have the lady bug posts set up near the garden, because I had all of the elements that others claim I shouldn’t have.

Anyhow, I noticed that my butler spent most of his time outside gardening. I figured nature was likely his favorite hobby, because there were some days where he would skip doing any other needed housework and head straight to my garden.

Eventually one night, as he was checking out to go home, I noticed he took on a while new look. He was green, with green leaves for hair! He looked like the Jolly Green Giant! I personally didn’t like how he looked.

But because of this incident, I established that in order to get Plantism all I really have to do, was spend enough time in the garden; pulling weeds, spraying at bugs, watering the garden, and so forth.

Eventually with enough attention to garden work, your Sim will likely become a plant. It is said that spraying bugs with insecticide is what causes it.

If you don’t dig your new green colored plant Sim, you can cure Plantism by buying the plantropic-c potion from the gypsy, or from the garden club. (You can also cure it by making the potion ourself, if you are a witch Sim)

I actually find the plant Sims to look a little ridiculous in the game. Unfortunately I cannot cure my butler, he’s stuck being green, with leaves for hair.