Pogo Gaming Site: Online Gaming With Cash, Prizes And Fun

If playing online games is your idea of everyday fun, then you should check out has games for everyone, such as Poppit, Suduko and Mahjong, and at a price that anyone can afford. Besides, with all the cash prizes that they give away, it is fun knowing that you could become richer at any moment. To get more prizes and cash you can even use expert boosting which is great way to boost your gaming experience. You can easily increase your rank and thus, greater the chances for prizes as well. has many prizes that you can win. At this moment, the most “prized” prize is a chance to talk with Rosie ODonnald. However, for those interested in money, almost every game has a jackpot up to five thousand dollars to be won. That isn’t all however, as there is daily, weekly and monthly drawings that total almost one hundred thousand dollars a month. There is also other prizes such as clothing, screensavers, games and much more that can be won through the games.

One of the great things about is the ability to chat and make good friends while playing the games. In game rooms where it is a single player game, there might not be much chatting going on. But in game rooms such as Spades and Poker where you play with or against other members, there is much talking to do. In my opinion, that type of online game rooms make the best friend connectors. is set up to where you can see where your friends are at and send private messages, as well as the ability to block those that you have deemed unwanted. has different service levels. The cheapest is their free membership. Although it is free, the player has access to most games on the site. The player will suffer two small annoyances however. One is the intermission time between sessions. The second is the longer game loading time. Perhaps the wait is not that long with broadband, but with dial up it takes about three to five minutes.

The free membership doesn’t offer as much as the paid membership does. A paid membership has many plusses, such as access to games that are not available in the free membership. First change a player will notice is that there is no intermission or long game downloading time. In, fact, the games will load in seconds after the initial load.

Another fun item with the paid membership is the mini. A mini is an avatar that represents you to the other players. You can buy all sorts of clothes and backgrounds for your mini. Some people prefer to play with their mini instead of playing the games! There is even a gallery where you can show off your mini and give others the chance to copy it.

All game sites have badges and is no exception. has many badges that you can earn and keep in albums, as well as use for your picture in the chat areas. I personally love the new challenges that are being created by Not only does it give me an opportunity to earn more badges, but it gives me a goal to play for. Of course, winning money is always the goal when you’re broke.

There is much fun to be had by playing online games for cash and other prizes at The game site is creating quite a buzz with all that they have to offer.