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Mushrooms Are Excellent For Brain Health

Mushrooms are your magic potion for great memory and strong cognitive health. Studies have shown seniors who usually consume more mushrooms tend to experience 50% reduced risk of cognitive issues that might cause dementia. In fact, another study has reported that around 300gms of mushrooms every day can reduce risk of MCI by 50%. So, if you have seniors in the family, you must buy shrooms online next time you head for grocery shopping.

The mushroom family is really huge and most of the mushrooms contribute in some way or the other to enhance your brain health. But, it’s the Lion’s Mane fungus which is the most beneficial for your brain wellness. It’s to note here this particular mushroom has had been a major part of ancient Chinese medicine. Various studies have also proved its excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory as well as immunostimulant properties. The post below offers a brief on how Lion’s Mane actually benefits your brain.

Boosts brain health

Our brain tends to slow down with time. Some of main symptoms of aging are problems with focus and memory loss. These are mostly caused due to damaged cells in brain and shrinking neurons. the Lion’s Mane fungi would be really beneficial here.

Studies have reported that this mushroom works a lot to support brain health. It stimulates generation of two chief compounds- BDNF and NGF. Both these proteins lead to development of new cells in the brain. Not only that, these proteins also help to strengthen the existing ones as well. It’s to stress here, NGF plays a crucial role in production of myelin. It’s the sheath that grows around the nerve cells and keeps brain cells active.

On the other hand, BDNF enhances the plasticity of the brain. This in turn, improves resilience of brain cells in times of aging or stress.

Prevents neurodegenerative diseases

Multiple studies have been taken to gauge the role this mushroom in tackling neurodegenerative issues. And most of the studies have reported Lion’s Mane’s excellent power to protect against effects of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, such as memory loss and involuntary movement.

According to superfood experts, Lion’s Mane mushroom helps body to remove amyloid plaque. Amyloid Plaque can be termed as a bad protein which decays healthy neurons, affects cognition and bears strong connection with development of Alzheimer’s.

Prevents inflammation in brain cells

Lion’s Mane mushroom is strong in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The antioxidants work to neutralize toxic free radicals in your body. And in doing so, these antioxidants prevent these harmful compounds from causing damage or inflammation in the brain cells. Besides, antioxidants promote generation of more BDNF. As mentioned earlier, this mushroom stimulates high growth of BDNF as well as NGF.

Helps with mood disorders

This is another amazing benefit of Lion’s Mane fungus.

A lot of studies have revealed that Lion’s Mane can play a great role in improving mood disorders. Back in 2010, a study was conducted on thirty women. The main aim of the research was to check the effects of the mushroom in these women. The participants were divided into two groups where one group was given to consume this mushroom for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, it was discovered that the group that had the mushroom experienced reduction in their depression scores.

But, how do the mushroom improved mood? Well, according to researchers, since Lion’s Mane is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, it works to reduce inflammation in brain. Brain inflammation is one of major causes behind mental illnesses. As Lion’s Mane helps to reduce inflammation in brain, it eventually works to boost mood as well.

Improves focus

If you are having issues in focusing on your projects lately, get Lion’s Mane in your diet. Why? Well, studies have shown this beneficial mushroom can boost focus big time.

As mentioned previously, the mushroom reduces inflammation. And that eventually, leads to increased blood flow. Improved blood flow also ensures a healthy supply of oxygen in the brain which lets the brain work better. You benefit from improved focus and also enhanced performance. Not only that, the antioxidants present in the mushroom also play a great role in enhancing memory and learning capabilities.

Lion’s Mane mushroom can be taken as supplement or you may also try them in your hot coffee.