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Most Reliable Carpet Installation Services in North Carolina

What happens when you hire the same company you bought your carpeting from to do the installation? 9 times out of ten: Dissapointment. Truth is, it requires someone a little more skilled and a little more trustworthy and caring to really do a good job on installation of your new carpeting. Same when buying the best portable Carpet shampooer, you want the best that produces stunning results. And when you want the job done right, at the right price, you want to look to some of the best people in all of North Carolina:

  1. Service Par Excellence. This company covers the area of Charlotte, NC and many surrounding areas. Contact owner John Gibson, (704) 272-9336 or cell: (704) 694-8194. Factory trained and certified by Shaw¬† amp; Mohawk Industries, works with both carpet and vinyl installations, and is trained with all products and techniques related to this wide industry. What makes this installation company so worth your time and money? For one, this is one of the few companies that you can feel a real foundation of trust. The owner, John Gibson, takes pride in all of his jobs whether great or small – from reputable work with large companies and office buildings to the smaller jobs with residential customers who are looking for someone dependable and confident to install their beautiful new flooring. Being trained by such large companies as Mohawk, one of the finest, you can be assured that you are recieving some of the most quality, excellent craftwork available. And what else? The pricing for the work is totally competitive and affordable. It’s really difficult to be dissapointed by this leading carpet installation company in North Carolina.
  2. Floor Corps, out of Greensboro, NC. Contact owner Jerry Hertzell, 336-851-4828 or 336-382-8927. Specializing in carpet, vinyl, and hardwood tiles. Owner Jerry is known for his honesty and trustworthiness, and you are sure to be pleased with his fine work. The company is based out of Greensboro, so be sure to check out their awesome handiwork if you are living in the Greensboro area and wanting to have a real professional job done on the installation of your next flooring project.
  3. A Plus Flooring, Charlotte, NC. Contact Moises Sanchez, (336) 289-8421. They customize in installation of flooring, and are a relatively unknown company but should not be excluded from the list. Coming in at number 3 on this list, it is in this position simply because they have not yet built up their reputation with many clients as of yet. Still, if you want a third opinion this is a great option in North Carolina cities.

Certainly, you have a wide variety of options when it comes to carpet installation in North Carolina. But why not stop for a moment and consider some of the best – after all, some of the best work comes from those not so well-known… wouldn’t you agree?