Most Frequently Asked Questions In Rise Of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms is one of the most popular games in the online gaming world. For a lot of gamers, Rise of Kingdoms is considered as one of the most dynamic games that you can play online. With more than a million downloads, this game if drastically and swiftly gaining the interests of gamers across the globe. More than just the story and gameplay, Rise of Kingdoms has also some fascinating UI and graphics. From the characters of the game to the buildings designed in the city, any player will definitely appreciate the game. Moreover, playing rise of kingdoms is known to be a rewarding and rich experience. You can read more about Rise of Kingdoms from different reviews online and from there, you’ll be able to judge how huge its impact to the gaming community. Hence, Rise of Kingdoms can be categorized as an amazing game ever created in the gaming industry. Thus, if you are interested to try playing this game, this article will help you understand the basic concepts and some of the most frequently asked questions for beginners.

Where and How to better understand Rise of kingdoms?

Well, as mentioned earlier, there are several reviews and feedback about Rise of Kingdoms. This will give you an amazing platform to learn more about the game. Also, you can watch some tutorials on YouTube. Nowadays, when a gamer wants to know more about a particular game, the usual go to place is YouTube.

Where should I spend my gems?

Gems are an essential resource in the game. Hence, you should be bale to spend your gems wisely. While there are several means you can use your gems in the game, it is advisable to use them to buy VIP points till you reach the level 6 of VIP. Generally, VIP level advances everything by enhancing your resources creation and other stats such as building and train speeds. Reaching level 6 of the VIP system will also allow you to access a lot of features in the game.

Commander – which one should I strengthen?

When updating commander in the game, there are several things and factors that you need to consider like your style of playing and your layout plans of use with them.  Moreover, you may also check out with some of the guides like the Ultimate Talent Guide For All Commanders.

Benefits of Secondary Commanders

As you progress in the game, you will get primary commander to 3 starts. Consequently, you will have the freedom to assign this staff when marching. Basically, secondary commanders serve as your group support in the game.

How to teleport to the territory of your alliance?

There are 2 choices to teleport in your alliance’s territory – territorial teleport and targeted teleport. Territorial teleport is reasonably affordable. After your alliance obtains a fortress, which makes a territory or an area, you can now utilize territorial teleport to transfer a city into the territory of your alliance. On the other hand, targeted teleport will function as well, regardless your alliance has a set up territory already or not. However, it is quite expensive.

Primary goals with new alliance

As soon as you’re able alliance with other kingdom, the very next step that you need to do is to construct you’re the center of your fortress near an alter or sanctum. With this, you will be able to get a lot of benefits. In addition, you should also do not locate near  well established giant alliances so they won’t attack you.

Alliance Territory – How to create them?

The first step to expand and create your alliance territory is to place a fortress first. However, this action needs at least twenty alliance members and less than 500,000 combined alliance power.

Troops withdrawal from a rally

Unfortunately, when your troops have already gone to the rally base, there is no way they can back out. The only time you can get back an army is when it reaches the rally base already.

With this answers and tips, you can now have the freedom to easily understand the concept of the game. Hence, you can start playing the game with some guidelines and a little confusion only. So what are you waiting for?