Is Cosmetic Surgery Right for You?

In today’s society, there is a lot of pressure to look perfect. Magazine covers, television shows, and movies are saturated with perfection. Examples like these often make everyday women consider going under the knife. Most women who aren’t completely satisfied with how they look have considered cosmetic surgery at some point. Although it seems like “everyone” is doing it, cosmetic surgery is not for everybody.

Cost is usually the biggest deciding factor in making the cosmetic surgery decision. Cosmetic surgery is definitely one of those times where you get what you pay for. You should never sacrifice quality for cost in cosmetic surgery because you could wind up with a horrible disfigurement or worse. Generally, the larger the procedure, the most expensive it is. If you are considering plastic surgery to cover extensive skin damage due to an accident, your health insurance may cover the procedure. In most cases, you will be responsible for the costs of the surgery, so be prepared to have enough money set aside for a high quality surgeon’s fees. Some lower cost options are Botox injections, used to relax wrinkles, and collagen injections which are most often used as a lip plumper.

You may forget to account for recovery time. You will, after most cosmetic procedures, have to miss some time at work. You will have to approve this time off with your boss and consider the loss of income for the duration of your recovery. Some procedures require you to be hospitalized for a couple days, others allow you to return home the same day. Recovery time from procedures often varies from a week up to eight weeks for extensive surgeries such as excess skin removal. Some surgeries to the face, such as nose jobs may allow you to return to work quickly, but keep in mind your face will be swollen for some time and you may not want to return to work in such a state.

There are many types of cosmetic surgeries. Popular types include breast augmentation, nose jobs, face lifts, and wrinkle removal. When looking for a cosmetic surgeon, it is important to consider that surgeon’s specialty. Most cosmetic surgeons are certified to perform a wide range of different procedures, but specialize in one particular one. You are more likely to have successful results with a specialist. When considering surgeons, it is important to shop around. Make sure your surgeon of choice makes you feel comfortable, is board certified, and can provide photos of their work as well as references. Do your homework! Never just “settle” for a cosmetic surgeon.

There is never a guarantee of success with any surgery. Even under the most skilled of hands, the unthinkable can happen. Cosmetic surgery can be a positive, life changing experience. Thousands of women go under the knife each year with great success. If you are considering cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance and your confidence, remember to do your research and consider your reasons for the procedure.

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