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Getting to Know the Different Types of Knives

Knives can be considered as the soul of any chef’s kit. It is really important that any chef has a really good knife in their casket. This is where you can check out Knifedge best knives on the market. Since there are tons of different knives that are available in the market it is really important that you know what you are buying.

There are two main categories that you can divide knives into:

  1. Forged Knives
  2. Stamped Knives

Forged knives are hand-made knives made by beating a hot piece of iron with a hammer. After forging the hammer, bladesmiths grind and hone the blade to its final shape. Since it takes a lot of time to forge these blades they are more expensive than stamped blades. As you get bolsters between the blade and the handle these knives are much more durable and stable than stamped knives. With their thicker spine, they are much heavy than the stamped blades.

Stamped blades, on the other hand, are made with the help of a hydraulic press. You get basic knives with this process. Later on, these knives are honed and sharpened to get the desired product. These knives are much thinner and lighter than forged knives. Since they do not have any bolster in them and have a much smaller tang, these knives can be a little off-balanced at times. However, they are much cheaper than forged ones.

Let us begin with the different types of knives that are available in the market:

  1. Chef’s knife
    This is the most common knife that everyone uses. You get a knife that is best suited for slicing and mincing fruits and vegetables. You can either get a forger one or a stamped one that is completely onto you. Since they have a long blade and a short handle they are highly efficient with the task of chopping and slicing. Since they are quite versatile these blades are one of the most important and vital knives of your kitchen set.
  2. Utility knife
    This can be seen as a smaller version of a chef’s knife that is suitable for smaller fruits and vegetables. You get a serrated 4 to 7-inch blade along with a scalloped edge that makes it perfect for cutting food. These knives are mostly used for chopping small vegetables and meat products.
  3. Santoku knife
    This is a Japanese style knife, with literal meaning “three virtues” i.e. slicing, mincing, and dicing.  Due to its flat blade, this is a much shorter and thinner knife than the chef’s knife. This type of knife is preferred to skin vegetables as it is not that compatible with the cutting board. Since you get a hollow edge with these types of knives, it is much easier for you to cut through oily food and meat much precisely.
  4. Kitchen shears
    This is a pair of scissors that are basically used for chopping herbs, veggies, and meat. This tool has many more applications outside the kitchen as well. Since these blades are really strong people tend to use them for outdoor works as well. There are various models of this product that are available in the market that is specifically designed for a type of food.
  5. Boning knife
    As the name suggests this is a knife that you use for separate bone from meat, cutting meat, and making fish filet. Moreover, this knife can also be used to chop and peeling veggies. You found these blades to be 3 to 8 inches long with a curved blade for precision.
  6. Bread Knife
    These knives are basically used for bread cutting, cakes, and sometimes meat and seafood as well. These blades are designed in such a way that you can easily cut through bread and cakes without pushing them down or squishing them. These blades are quite long in their lengths as they are expected to cut big slices of bread and cakes.
  7. Cleaver
    This is the heaviest and bulkiest blade that you can find in your kitchen. These blades are typically used to chop bones and meat products. Since they are heavy and big it is much easier for chefs to chop bone with their help. You can also use a cleaver to chop through thick and hard foods such as pumpkins.
  8. Paring knife
    These knives are mostly used for peeling veggies, fruits, and for trimming excess fat with great precision and efficiency. Since these blades are 3-4 inches long they give you extreme precision as you use them.
  9. Steak knife
    As the name suggests, you get a knife designed for cutting steaks. Although these knives are also used for chopping fruits and veggies as well. You get a knife with serrated blade that increases their precision and sharpness as well.