Friday Fun – Peculiar Product Placement

Friday Fun is just what the name implies – it’s Friday, so let’s have some fun. Every Friday we’ll bring you something funny, at least we think it is 🙂 Might be a picture or a post or something completely different. This week it’s fun with odd product placements.

Product placements in movies and TV have become extremely popular and quite lucrative. However this particular post is not about an odd product placement in a movie or TV show but rather in a supermarket. Now truth be told I consider myself smarter than the average bear when it comes to supermarkets, having followed in my father and all of my sibling’s footsteps. I worked for 10 years for the A&P stepchild, Super-fresh and I know all about product placement and the impact they have on impulse buying.

Impulse buying is something we are all guilty of doing of course. Whether we want to admit it, we’ve all done it. Standing in line at the register, we pick up that 99 cents paperback “101 Ues For Leftover Borscht.” Yeah, like I’m the only one who ever bought that book. But there are ways supermarkets get us to make impulse buys and that’s by grouping like items together in the hopes that if we come in for one of the items in the group, we ultimately leave purchasing some or all of the items in said group. For example, walk into a supermarket in the summer and in the seasonal section – the area of the store that features items for a given season, you’ll the obligatory backyard barbecue display replete with some grills, ketchup, mustard, relish, rolls, potato chips and maybe even hot dogs if the store has a movable refrigerator.

Now let’s say you were only going to the store to get hot dog rolls. You see the rolls amid all the other items and think ‘hey, I can also use some mustard and we always need potato chips.’ So you leave with more than you came in for.

However I doubt very much you or any other human on the face of the Earth ever went to a supermarket for frozen pizza and also left with, well you’ll see…