Exploring The Organic Dog Food And Treats For Better Digestive System

As a dog owner for nearly two years, I have come to learn that my dogs will eat nearly anything including onions, lettuce and toilet paper. So, why is it necessarily important to feed them the expensive organic brands of dog food? The puppy food should be purchased after considering different reviews at online websites. There should be excretion of proper waste from the body of the puppy. 

Well, it does the same for a dog as it does for a human. It improves their health, helps them age well, gives them a smooth, silky coat. It also gives them more energy, that might actually be a negative factor, I know I like my dogs worn out especially after a long day.

Lastly, and most importantly, it also helps with their digestive system. At times I have felt like I had two babies rather than two dogs after all the vomit I had to clean up and stinky gas that filled up the living room. This does all have to do with the food they are ingesting. So, for the health of your dog and for your benefit as well, switch their food to an organic brand. Here are a few highlighted products that you can choose from.

The ingredients used in Karama Organic dog food and treats are of superior quality and 95% certified organic. Worried about it only being 95% organic? There website offers a reasoning behind why their product is only 95% certified organic, “Some essential vitamins and minerals may not be available in organic form which prevents the 100% label” (Karama Organics).

This dry dog food is made with organic free range chicken and organic rice protein (an entire list of ingredients is available on their website). The product comes in either fifteen of four pound recyclable bags.

There site also includes a very useful “Where to Buy” option. Just type in your city or zip code and you’ll have instant information on where to buy Karama Organic dog food.

Innova has recently started marketing a red meat dog food made with beef and lamb meal (a complete list of ingredients is available on their website as well). They pride themselves on having an adult dog food that is essential in fatty acids, vitamin E and nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Their Innova Adult Dog Food – Red Meat – Large Bites comes in 2, 6, 15, or 30 pound bags (they did not specify if these bags were recyclable).

Their product line reaches: puppies, adults dogs, senior dogs, large and small breeds. All of these products come in soft or hard consistencies, the choice is up to you or rather your pooch. They also specialize in dog treats available for large and small breeds.

Interested in where to buy? Their website also has a handy-dandy product finder.

Newman’s Own Organics specializes in a lot of tasty treats for your pup including: Chicken, Peanut Butter, Cheese, Turkey and Sweet Potato, and Salmon and Sweet Potato.

There site also includes a very interesting feature; they include what ingredients they do use in their products as well as the products that they do not use. For instance, they do not use chicken by-products (which is what you will find in cheap, Wal-Mart brands of dog food and treats).

Newman’s food is 95% USDA Certified Organic and contains free-range beef from Uruguay. Just in case you were wondering, their FAQ page says that Uruguay is economically thriving and considered one of the cleanest countries in the world. Oh, and “free-range” means that the animals used for making the food were grass fed.