Creative Tic Tac Toe Game Ideas For Children

Tic tac toe is certainly one of the most famous board games worldwide. It’s extremely easy to have fun with, therefore it can be played even with small kids. It also has a pretty easy rule, you just need to form a line of 3 of your pieces, with alternating turns between you and your opponent. It is the type of activity that delivers the fun to anyone, especially if they managed to win after making a mistake. Tic tac toe game is simple enough to be played even in DIY boards, which is the topic that will be discussed in this article. Without further ado, let’s start:

1. Tic tac toe with fruit and vegetable pieces

Did you know that you can play tic tac toe using fruit and vegetable pieces? Even if your kids do not like eating fruits and vegetables, they will surely enjoy playing a game using the likeness of fruits and vegetables. You can easily download the images on the internet and print it, which replaces the traditional Xs and Os with fruits and vegetables. This is a fun way of introducing fruits and vegetables to your kids.

2. Tic tac toe with buttons

Creating your personal tic tac toe board is easier than you think. You can just use a small, clean fabric and a set of two colored buttons. You can even sew the fabric into a bag so that you will be able to basically keep the buttons in the bag after your play session is over. This DIY set up also has the advantage of portability, you can bring it with you anywhere so you and your friends can play wherever you go. Just sit down, place the fabric serving as a board, and use the colored buttons as the replacement for the X and O pieces.

3. Tic tac toe with glasses of juice

This is a kid-friendly version of a game with wine and spirits, which are replaced with juices. Kids love drinking juice especially if it is their favorite flavor, so they will not be bored of playing this game. Just label the glasses with an X or O, and get started! You can play normally, or turn it into a drinking game, in which whoever wins will get to drink the juice in the glass!

5. Tic tac toe on drawings

Playing a game and exercising the drawing abilities of your kids, what could go wrong? Simply get a white board and a white board marker, or chalk and regular board and get started playing and drawing. Just be sure to teach your kids to clean up afterward, you don’t want them to get messy with a marker or chalk.

6. Tic tac toe with green and red apples

Kids love eating apples, especially if they “earned” it by winning a game of tic tac toe. Using red and green apples is especially wonderful for this DIY project since you will not have to mark or cut anything to resemble X and O pieces. You can use them as it is, using the color difference as the distinction between the two pieces. You can even make the game even more thrilling by rewarding the winner with an apple from the board itself.