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Back To Basics – Translation Definitions

Translation is a form of communication between the source language and the target language. It is referred to as the form of written communication whereas interpretation is a verbal form of translation communication. The main purpose of any translation is to convey the message in the target language keeping the […]

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The Real Differences Between A Perfume And A Cologne

You’re looking for the best curve cologne when you suddenly you’ve thought about cologne’s difference to perfume. Truth be told, that’s an aged-old question which answer many people don’t know about. As it turns out, it’s important in choosing the best fragrance for you. You want one that perfectly suits […]

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Is the Over Consumption of Entertainment, Celebrity, and Reality News a Bad Look for America?

Many of us are aware that Facebook has become the number one social networking sharing site on the web. It’s almost unreal at how quick information transmitted and readily available through social media. One of the things that I often see my Facebook news flooded with, is celebrity and entertainment […]


Terpenes- A Study of Compounds

When it comes to studies, normally the youngsters run away when their parents ask or enquire about school and homework. They are sick and tired of the daily taunts that they endure right from the very first day of school all the way to graduating from college and struggling to […]