A Tour to Recliner Chairs and Tips to Choose the Best one

What is it that first comes in your mind when you hear the term recliner? For some people it is relaxation, for some it is massage chair, for some it is something to relax and watch movies in the theatres. The idea of recliner encompasses all of these and much more than these as well. Here, we will discuss recliner chairs, their types and the best ways to get the appropriate one for your purpose.

What is Recliner Chair?

Recliner which is also known as lounger and armchair is a basically a chair which can be adjusted from the back and front to provide the users with ultimate satisfaction of sitting relaxingly. Both of the ends, the back and the front is expandable which enables the users to lean backward and stretch their legs in the front. Sometimes this is automatic with the pressing of a key and sometimes it should be done manually.

Types of Recliners

Though the idea is more or less same for all of them but there are various types of incliners available in the market. Here we will go through brief about all the popular ones.

Two position recliner

This is the most affordable of them which is a limited one as well. It can accommodate two people upright and completely inclined. Releasing the footrest with the recliner the chair moves back with the body weight. It is fitted for anywhere with a space for its expansion.

The Rocker

Slightly costlier than the previous option this recliner has several angles which make it suitable even for small space. The functionalities are similar to the two position recliner with an addition of rocking functionality in the upright position. It follows the linear path for rocking rather than arched path.

Push-back Recliner

This recliner demands you to push back to enable the reclining feature. It doesn’t incorporate footrest; you can use a ottoman for complementing this.

Riser Recliner

It is one of the most expensive recliners available in the market which is worth of the price because of its versatility. It is basically a motorized chair that can lift upward. It is a perfect choice for elderly people, someone with injury and disabilities. It has adjustable angles, footrests, remote-controlled reclining options and many other exclusive features. It is available with two position and three position features. It can be enabled with massage, therapeutic features and heat generation.

Hugger Recliner

Having limited space will not be a constraint if you get this recliner that requires 6 inches only for its expansion. In addition to it, it is extremely beneficial for people with weak knees and disabilities.

Choosing the Right Incliner

While choosing the right incliner, you have to consider some areas before making your mind. Here are some of those:

  • Choose the size: There are standard, compact and grand sizes for each recliner.
  • Priority: Prioritize comfort and longevity otherwise your investment will go in vain.
  • Style preference: According to your priorities and budget, you may have to compromise with the style.
  • Features: Chalk out what are the features that you must need for your recliner chair.
  • Reviews: To choose the best one among numerous manufacturers and dealer, consider the best leather recliner chairs reviews to clear the air.

Hope this comprehensive guide has helped you. Which one do you prefer most? Share your thoughts with us!