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What Is The Fact Behind The Marijuana? Is It A Miracle Or A Health Fad? Grab The Primary Details Here!!

The 21st century is all about the new inventions and discoveries so that the existence of humans becomes easy and convenient. In the listing of all great discoveries, one that is hitting the peaks in the CBD that has been derived from the cannabis plant. Marijuana is derived from the same plant, so you might find the marijuana and CBD the same; however, it is not the fact.

In addition, people are highly inclined towards the idea of the CBD used for reliving from several chronic pains and correcting numerous health issues. If you are keen to know whether marijuana is a miracle or just a health fad, then you can continue reading the article until the end.

What is Marijuana- miracle or health fad?

Over the past two years, the sale of the CBD products has jumped, and the larger audience is getting inclined towards the use of these products. Before we straight dive into the use of the CBD product and benefits and other aspects behind it, we need to start with the basics of it.

Marijuana is an addictive product that is derived from the plant cannabis. You should be more considerate about the use of it. Additionally, the cannabidiol that is an active extract of cannabis is found to be aiding in correcting several physicals as well as mental issues. Nowadays, people are being engaged with hectic schedules due to that they tend to suffer from multiple mental issues such as anxiety, depression, and stress.

Cannabidiol can be proven effective in correcting these mental issues with the frequent use of CBD products. The psychoactive traits of the cannabidiol provide relief to the mind and come in handy in calming the mind.

Is CBD a health fad?

With the introduction of the benefits that one can attain from the frequent use of the CBD products captured a large crowd for the product. Also, the millennials are stressed with multiple things going all around, and the competition of gaining success has to lead them to get highly inclined towards such products that can be proven aiding in getting relief from such products.

The benefits of the CBD are limited up to a certain limit, and you cannot expect one to have the perfection to help you in aiding from a certain disease. You can surely attain numerous advantages by using the best CBD oil UK that is free from the adulterated contents that refrain you from the use of the THC and other containments. So you should not be making use of such products precisely and cautiously so that it doesn’t show up with any negative trait by the constant use of the product.

When discussing the cannabidiol deeply, we need to be considerate about the brand. You shouldn’t be going for the random brand but get one that offers you quality and no concentration of THC as it is harmful to the body. In a recent study, scientists found that many manufacturers were selling cannabis in the name of the cannabidiol. Due to this reason, the FDA has not regulated the use of CBD products, and it even prohibits for the manufacturing of such products. People are enthusiastic about the use of CBD products.

However, it represents simpler benefits with the frequent use of CBD products. One should observe the effect that they are having due to the active use of the CBD products on their bodies. By keeping a check of these signs, you will find whether it is effective for you or not and help you to understand whether you should make the constant use of these CBD products or not.

The summary

The above-mentioned details clearly state the major benefits of making the potential use of the CBD oil and other products of it. We have easily concluded the fact that it is an effective medication, but its benefits are limited up to a certain limit. So you should understand the fact that you cannot find the medication effective for correcting almost every problem. The use of the product is limited accordingly, and benefits are limited, so it is better for you to make use of it precisely.

Most Reliable Carpet Installation Services in North Carolina

What happens when you hire the same company you bought your carpeting from to do the installation? 9 times out of ten: Dissapointment. Truth is, it requires someone a little more skilled and a little more trustworthy and caring to really do a good job on installation of your new carpeting. Same when buying the best portable Carpet shampooer, you want the best that produces stunning results. And when you want the job done right, at the right price, you want to look to some of the best people in all of North Carolina:

  1. Service Par Excellence. This company covers the area of Charlotte, NC and many surrounding areas. Contact owner John Gibson, (704) 272-9336 or cell: (704) 694-8194. Factory trained and certified by Shaw  amp; Mohawk Industries, works with both carpet and vinyl installations, and is trained with all products and techniques related to this wide industry. What makes this installation company so worth your time and money? For one, this is one of the few companies that you can feel a real foundation of trust. The owner, John Gibson, takes pride in all of his jobs whether great or small – from reputable work with large companies and office buildings to the smaller jobs with residential customers who are looking for someone dependable and confident to install their beautiful new flooring. Being trained by such large companies as Mohawk, one of the finest, you can be assured that you are recieving some of the most quality, excellent craftwork available. And what else? The pricing for the work is totally competitive and affordable. It’s really difficult to be dissapointed by this leading carpet installation company in North Carolina.
  2. Floor Corps, out of Greensboro, NC. Contact owner Jerry Hertzell, 336-851-4828 or 336-382-8927. Specializing in carpet, vinyl, and hardwood tiles. Owner Jerry is known for his honesty and trustworthiness, and you are sure to be pleased with his fine work. The company is based out of Greensboro, so be sure to check out their awesome handiwork if you are living in the Greensboro area and wanting to have a real professional job done on the installation of your next flooring project.
  3. A Plus Flooring, Charlotte, NC. Contact Moises Sanchez, (336) 289-8421. They customize in installation of flooring, and are a relatively unknown company but should not be excluded from the list. Coming in at number 3 on this list, it is in this position simply because they have not yet built up their reputation with many clients as of yet. Still, if you want a third opinion this is a great option in North Carolina cities.

Certainly, you have a wide variety of options when it comes to carpet installation in North Carolina. But why not stop for a moment and consider some of the best – after all, some of the best work comes from those not so well-known… wouldn’t you agree?

Back To Basics – Translation Definitions

Translation is a form of communication between the source language and the target language. It is referred to as the form of written communication whereas interpretation is a verbal form of translation communication. The main purpose of any translation is to convey the message in the target language keeping the language intact and in accordance with all the cultural and regional differences that are there between the target language and the source language. There are many online tools that can be used for the purpose of translation and interpretation in today’s world. These online tools can help professional translators to streamline their work and make it blander and consistent. With the advancement of technology, there are many online translation devices that one can use as they go for a business trip. is one such device that gives you audio translations on the go. You can read its online review on the link provided as well.

There are different types of translation services that you can come across. Here are some of the common translation services :

  • Technical translation
    In this type of translation, the translator’s main job is to translate user manuals, internal notes, medical translations, instruction leaflets, business meetings, and administrative terms. All the translated documents are intended for a limited group of people. For technical translation, in-depth knowledge of the said industry is needed.
  • Scientific translation
    As the term suggests, scientific translations deal with translations related to the domain of science such as scientific articles, research papers, study reports, and presentations.
  • Financial translation
    In order to deal with documents related to economics, finance, stock exchange, and banks the help of financial translators is required. Moreover, any business’s annual reports, financial contracts and agreements, and financial statements also come in this category only.
  • Legal or judicial translation
    In this category, we come across legal documents, administrative texts, corporate statuses, and remittance drafts. Professional translation is required with such documents in order to avoid any ambiguity during legal proceedings. Moreover, you see judicial translator as experts in translating legal documents such as minutes of proceedings, expert opinions, etc.
  • Certified translation
    People that are certified translators can use their stamps or signatures in order to authenticate official translations. As you need official validation for some documents, you can refer to these certified translators for the same.
  • Literary translation

This is probably the hardest of all the translation services. There are several factors that you need to consider in order to get the best result as you do literary translations.

These are the most common translation services that you can encounter in your day to day life. There are many companies and agencies that are out there providing the best translations services. As you opt for any of them make sure you consider the following factors:

  • Make sure you know about the services that you will be getting from your translation agency. You can choose what you need and what you do not. This way you can save some money as well.
  • Make sure that you get high-quality content from your service provider. As in the end, it is all about the content. Do not settle for cheap content quality as it will affect your business ultimately.
  • Lastly, make sure that your service provider is not overcharging you. You can consult and compare different service provider before you opt one.

Top 5 Best Hair Clippers in 2019

Having your own tools and essentials in grooming is definitely a good idea. A uniform DIY buzz cut is absolutely fine as long as you have a powerful, reliable and all around best hair clippers. Thanks for the creation of hair clippers, men no longer have to leave the comfort of their home just to have their hair cut or trimmed. Nowadays, considering that you have the right clippers, you can now personally groom yourselves on your own. If you are interested in turning into hair clippers, you need to be aware that there are several and different brands and models available in the market. Hence, looking for the right clipper can be daunting and challenging. Since the quality of your hair’s cut depends on the quality of your clippers, you must carefully choose the right clippers for you. To help you out, here are some of the best clippers that you can get in the market.

Philips Norelco series 7100 hair clipper

One of the best value clippers in the market is the Philips Norelco series 7100 hair clipper that offers you with 24 variety length settings. It has a two hour life of battery in just 1 hour of charging. It also uses self-sharpening titanium blades and it also uses a turbo boost feature that allows you to cut even through the stronger and thicker hair. If you are going to compare this model to other brands, you’ll see that this clipper is probably one of the best.

Wahl Color Pro hair cutting kit

If you are looking for a budget friendly clipper and yet can provide you quality performance, then Wahl color pro hair cutting kit is the best deal for you. Certainly, you can see this clipper almost everywhere as most of the barbers use this clipper for some reasons. This model is considered as a classic model that is reliable, highly affordable and quality performance at the same time. Wahl color pro also provides you with color-coding for your preferred length and provides you with 9 different guards cutting between 1/16 and 1.

Panasonic Hair Clipper

Another great clipper that you may want to consider is the Panasonic hair clipper. While it may have the steepest price, this model is absolutely a good investment. It is highly graded by professionals and you can achieve several kinds of lengths with its adjustable clipper. If you do haartrimmer test on this clipper, you’ll see that this model provides amazing performance. Hence, the price is absolutely worth it. With its handy features, it is ideal for travellers. The good news is, you can also consider Panasonic hair clipper as a gift for your friend or family.

Remington vacuum-blade hair clipping kit

Remington vacuum-blade hair clipping kit comes with eleven various guards used for tapering and fading that are usually done by professionals. Thus, you’ll have an idea that since this is used by professionals, this model also provides quality performance in cutting and trimming your hair. One of the best things about this model is that it will still run even without a cord charger. It also comes with attachment kit that makes it standout from other models in the market. Additionally, it comes with a vacuum head.

Andis T-blade outliner

If you just want to clean up a perimeter of your cut, you are free to do so by cleaning up your beard, hairlines, neck with this Andis T-blade outliner that can be easily used at home.

With these amazing models, you can now choose the best clippers for you. You just have to consider what exactly you need and which will make you comfortable when grooming.

The Real Differences Between A Perfume And A Cologne

You’re looking for the best curve cologne when you suddenly you’ve thought about cologne’s difference to perfume. Truth be told, that’s an aged-old question which answer many people don’t know about.

As it turns out, it’s important in choosing the best fragrance for you. You want one that perfectly suits your preferences and needs. Perfume and cologne have different characteristics, and knowing these would guide you to the right choice.

Learn the Differences of Perfume and Cologne to make the right Purchase

Many people thought that the difference between perfume and cologne lies on the gender using it. In common understanding, perfume are fragrances for women, while cologne are for men. That somehow works for many, but that’s not the real basis when technically explaining.

The differences actually lies on the strength of fragrances sold on the market. And this differentiation is important for perfume enthusiasts, and in choosing the perfect fragrances for you. You might miss some great cologne for women or cool perfume for men because of the earlier description.

Understanding the Strength of Fragrances

For starters, wearable fragrances are composed of scenting oil, alcohol and water. Scenting oils are expensive chemicals skillfully crafted to produce certain fragrances. Some are difficult to produce, while others are rare enough to push the price further. In other words, producers cannot simply sell scenting oils alone because many can’t afford it; hence, they need to dilute it with water and alcohol.

Now, some fragrances are sold with little water and alcohol dilution, while some come with more. Because scenting oil alone produce super strong fragrance, adding more water and alcohol decreases strength. That’s where the four levels of concentration comes in, which is the key in understanding the differences of perfume and cologne.

Four Concentration Levels of Fragrances

Concentration of fragrances comes in four different levels. They each depend on the amount of alcohol and water dilution added to scenting oils.

  1. Perfume

The term perfume actually refers scenting oils with zero alcohol and water dilution. Because they’re pure scenting oil, they are super strong and last longer. It lasts for a whole day even when small amount are applied on one or two of your pulse areas.

But as mentioned earlier, pure scenting oils are expensive. So, small bottles of perfume usually have more than $200-price tag. Some even reach as high as staggering $1000.

  1. Eau-de-Parfum

Second level of concentration is the Eau-de-Parfum (EUP). Its scenting oil diluted with a little bit of alcohol and water. EUPs generally have lesser strength than perfumes, but is still considerable enough because of its high scenting oil content.

This concentration lasts for up to 6 hours in one go. Hence, consider bringing your EUP bottle along if you plan staying longer in an event. Be careful, however, since it still costs quite expensive for many buyers. Other people might envy you and take the bottle away.

  1. Eau-de-Toilette

Eau-de-Toilette (EUT) has even more alcohol and water contents than EUP. It’s quite affordable for many buyers as well. But following the pattern, it has even lesser strength than EUP. So, you probably need to apply it few times to last for a whole day.

Many men, however, prefer to buy EUT. That’s because of its relatively less strong scent. Note that most men doesn’t love super strong perfumes that much.

  1. Eau-de-Cologne

Finally, here’s where the cologne comes in. Eau-de-Cologne or simply cologne are fragrances which carry only a little bit of scenting oil in a mixture of alcohol and water. These fragrances often come very affordable for people to buy. However, it only last up to around 2 hours because of minimal strength.

Thing is, colognes are perfect for pockets and bags since they’re easily portable. No need to worry about it being stolen by others because of its relatively cheaper price too. So, once the cologne fragrance vanishes, simply apply again when needed.

In short, perfume is the highest class of all fragrances while cologne is the least. But that’s not to say that cologne is useless because their light scents are perfect for many occasions too. Of course, preferences play a big role in choosing between perfume and cologne, since it’s you who would tell which strength is the best.

Lovely Gift Ideas for your Beloved Southern Belle

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or one of those days when you just want to let her know how much she means to you, give the Southern Belle in your life something special. Southern Belles are known for their charm, wit, and flirtatious personality. So, don’t just give her candy or roses. Even the best corporate gift companies may not satisfy her standards. Give her a romantic gift that fits her personality. 

Water globes 

Water globes are romantic. Give one to the Southern Belle in your life. These globes can feature several different themes. Some are geared toward the true southern lady like the Gone with the Wind water globes which can be purchased at starting at $39.74. There are also beautiful water globes that feature angels, princess, ballerina, butterflies, and carousels. These unique water globes can be purchased at or 

Gone with the Wind Figurines 

Gone with the Wind is one of the best known classical movies about the South, and Scarlett O’Hara is the ultimate Southern Belle. Scarlett is a symbol of the golden days of the South. If your Southern Belle is a fan of Gone with the Wind, you can give her some beautifully crafted figurines that are designed after characters from the movie like Scarlett and Rhett. These cute collectible figurines can be purchased from,, and 

Anniversary Clocks 

Can your love stand the test of time? Let her know that it can with an elegant anniversary clock. An anniversary clock is both beautiful and sentimental. It will not only help your Southern Belle keep up with the time, but it will remind her of your love. An anniversary clock can be purchased at or Prices start at $26.00. 

Music Boxes 

Charade your Southern Belle with some beautiful music. No, you don’t have to sing to her. Let a beautiful music box do it for you. You can choose your own unique style and melody. A charming music box can be purchased at, or 


What woman doesn’t love jewelry? Tell her that she is special with a unique piece of jewelry. If you are looking for a Southern jeweler choose Van Atkins. Van Atkins is located in New Albany, Mississippi, and they specialize in estate jewelry. They can be contacted at 866-826-2854 or you can visit them on the web at You can also locate that special piece for your Southern Belle at Zales or Jared’s. Browse them online at or 

The South has its own special type of lady-the Southern Belle. For that special occasion, give her one of the romantic items from the list above. 

Is the Over Consumption of Entertainment, Celebrity, and Reality News a Bad Look for America?

Many of us are aware that Facebook has become the number one social networking sharing site on the web. It’s almost unreal at how quick information transmitted and readily available through social media. One of the things that I often see my Facebook news flooded with, is celebrity and entertainment news. If it’s not celebrity news topics that are trending, then it’s the happenings in the world of reality television that most people are discussing. I’m seeing less people discussing political topics, or addressing any of the many problems America is facing now. Topics that deal with any sort of substance seem to have become obsolete. It appears that more people are concerned with what’s going on in the entertainment world, rather than the more important issues that we are facing as a society.

Yesterday while browsing around on Facebook, I noticed an article written about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s relationship. It seems that these two are constantly mentioned in headlines as of late. I personally didn’t take the time to read the article, but the headline itself was enough for me to know that I didn’t have any real interest in the contents of the article. However, I did decide to read through a few of the comments left by other Facebook users. There were quite a few individuals that seemed to take a personal interest in whatever the article discussed. Quite frankly, many of the comments I read confirmed a belief that I’ve had for quite sometime; Americans are brainwashed by entertainment. It’s no wonder why the United States worldwide education ranking has dropped over the years, or why obesity statistics are predicted to grow in the coming years. With the best possible option to buy instagram followers, it is no longer reality. It’s what we dictate by our media accounts.

I’m in no saying that entertainment shouldn’t be enjoyed. I myself watch certain television shows, and I’m a movie lover myself. However, I feel that we as a people over-consume ourselves with media and entertainment related news. This is one of the reasons why I feel that so many people aren’t aware of, engaged, or concerned with the real issues our country are facing. For example, I sometimes may bring up something that is currently happening in the news to others. It may be something that refers to the huge budget deficit that the United States government has run up, or the healthcare law that was recently passed. Some people have open discussions and conversations with me about these topics. However, I find that you ask the average person about what reality shows are popular, they can throw out several names of various shows. Maybe it’s just me, but this logic seems a bit backwards to me. Shouldn’t be be investing more time into better ourselves?

The real issues facing this country seem to take a backseat when it comes to celeb and reality television news. There are some people who believe that there are higher powers that are behind the constant flooding of entertainment on television and the Internet. Some view it as a way to keep us as people brainless — which in turn means that they can enact whatever plans or policies they choose on the American people with little or no resistance. Whether or not these claims are true or not, the fact remains that we as a people need to wake up and start paying attention to the real problems in the United States. If you really think about it, paying attention to people like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian isn’t helping the average person much. Again, I’m not saying there is nothing wrong with enjoying entertainment, I just feel that the consumption of it needs to be scaled back a bit. Celebrities and reality stars thrive off of attention, and they receive more than enough of it. Thanks for reading.


Vacuums Perfect for Wood and Laminate Floors

Though there are a wide variety of vacuums out there, there are few that are great – or at least adequate – when it comes to hard floors such as wood, laminate or tile. But they do exist, some of which are described in detail below.

Bosch Compact Plus Hard Floor Canister Vacuum

Though this vacuum is a bit on the expensive side – around $250 – it is targeted specifically to hard flooring, and does a more-than-adequate job at that. It’s also compact, which is great for cleaning smaller rooms or if you live in an overall small place, such as an apartment. Many compact-style vacuums aren’t very high quality, but this one is very effective and versatile. The 11 amps motor provides great suction (which you can adjust from minimum to maximum power) and the HEPA filter system works at clearing out airborne particles. It also comes with a full set of different attachments, rubbered wheels that won’t scratch up your floor, and a polishing pad for a floor that sparkles and shines. Aside from doing a good job on hard floors, it also works well on rugs and carpeting.

Bissell 7340 Flip-It Select Hard Floor Cleaner with Heat

This vacuum goes for around $100-120, and works not only as a dry vacuum, but a heated wet-mop as well. It’s lightweight, yet powerful, with great suction ability when it comes to picking up dirt, dust and other particles. The heater helps to clear dirt that is harder to get rid of, whether on hard floor (whether wood, tile, laminate, marble, etc.) or carpet – but when using the wet mop on hard flooring, the heat option also helps dry it faster. You can even use all the modes at once, if you prefer – vacuum particles from your floor, then flip it over and start mopping. After mopping, turn the heater on and dry your floor with optimum results. It comes with a small amount of wood floor and hard surface clearners with a cleaning pad, but it’s recommended to invest in some more cleaner and pads yourself. That way you will have enough cleaner to go around, and be able to switch between pads if you switch between rooms. As an added bonus, the cleaning pads and brush are machine washable, saving some money in the long run.

Emer Donatello Turbo Plus Floor Vacuum Cleaner

This is another vacuum great for smaller homes and apartments as well as larger areas, along with doing a decent job on both carpets and wood and tile flooring. A special flip brush that can change between carpet and hard floors allows you to clean with ultimate efficiency, and its flexible versatility allows you to clean in even really tight and oddly-shaped spaces, such as under low furniture, baseboards and stairs. It also has multiple speeds for suction power of your choice, and to top it off, its carbon filter helps get rid of home odors and the HEPA filter boasts to capture 99% of all airborne particles. If you can afford it, forking over the $240 needed for this vacuum is well-worth it.

Hoover SteamVac All Terrain 12 Amp Carpet and Hard-Floor Cleaner

Though this is more reminiscent of a steam cleaner more than anything, I feel it must be mentioned because its supreme cleaning power on both carpet and hard flooring of all sorts. Although most invest in this if they want to do some major deep carpet cleaning, it’s worth it to consider if you’re also looking for a decent hard floor cleaner as well. Its Dual V technology provides great suction power, and also comes with specialized SpinScrub brushes, heated cleaning, and an auto-rinse that prevents drying residue on your floor. The downside is that it is heavy and can be quite the burden for huge areas, but it’s probably no different than renting a steam cleaner that will do just as great of a job and may not even be able to clean your hard floors. Although it comes with a hefty price – between $280 and $320 – it’s definitely worth it if you’re planning on doing a lot of deep cleaning, whether on the carpet or your floor. Just the price to buy it alone can cover a one-time job from a professional.

The above vacuums can be found in such places as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or even online retailers such as Amazon.

Here, it is also important to mention the rowenta staubsauger but not quite affordable to many people.

Terpenes- A Study of Compounds

When it comes to studies, normally the youngsters run away when their parents ask or enquire about school and homework. They are sick and tired of the daily taunts that they endure right from the very first day of school all the way to graduating from college and struggling to get a well paid job.

Opportunities being dried up for them in job matters, they resolve to create some of their own by either starting a business venture or any government scheme that comes their way through recommendation.

The problem is that they’re too lazy to do anything on their own without that necessary nudge from their parents every now and then to keep them going without rest until they have reached the destination that they had planned for themselves.

While there are innumerable examples where education and degree are no longer a prerequisite to set any gold standards in life such as Bill Gates (school dropout), Steve Jobs, John Rockefeller, Mark Twain and so many others whose names are known universally and who are worshipped with reverence by their admirers.

Drugs and their addiction are topics that have been discussed so often that it feels like flogging a dead horse. It is simply done to death with numerous arguments and counter arguments to its name but no one has come up with satisfactory explanations to reach a definitive conclusion.

Bear in mind, that drugs have both positive and negative aspects attached to it with a larger section of people viewing it as slow poison will swallow the body like termites and woodlice do to wood.

Only few people are aware of its medicinal qualities that have proven to safe anyone from diseases as deadly as asthma, cancer, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), kidney failure etc. etc.

First let’s get to know what all drugs are available in the world for mankind to pry upon because people are always on the lookout for easy ways to relief tension and stress from their lives.

A drug, in simple terms, is something that brings about a change in behavior of the person who has consumed it. It means that its effects are similar to alcohol consumption where psychologically a man has no idea what he has done under its effects and has no recollection of incidents that took place once he comes to his senses.

Many would be surprised to know that even life saving medicines and cures have a certain amount of drugs in them as it has been proven to be repellants of different ailments, both normal and life-threatening ones.

Cannabis is the first one that comes to mind whenever the topic of drugs comes up which are available in the form of berries that any normal human being would easily mistake it for any fruit such as grapes due to the size, shape and color being similar to many fruits.

If cannabis has been mentioned, then how can terpene be left out. Both are interrelated to each other despite having entirely different characteristics. Terepene have been originated from plants and insects and have a strong pungent smell that have the impact to knock you out for hours.

They are products of resin that are from oil taken from plants and flowers, essential oil to be precise. A topic with an oceanic array of information where you can get to learn new things everyday which have proven beneficial to mankind as they are good sources of remedy.

Regarding purchase, you can buy terpenes online from that will provide you information with its varied prices depending on the variety and use and also a detailed analysis of its study along with the reviews who have availed its benefits to give you a general idea.

Here are some uses of cannabis terpenes:

  1. Cannabis helps to replete terpene in large quantities that helps in boosting the cbd and thc levels in the body like for example myrcene that helps in fighting lung cancer, inflammation and sleep disorders
  2. It also helps to fight depression, anxiety and bacteria
  3. The taste of terpene is generally fruity in nature but there are also certain species that taste differently depending upon the flavor and climate.

How to Stop Drinking for Good

I’m an alcoholic and was addicted to alcohol for over 25 years, but in the spring of 2006 I quit drinking for good. I had a chronic problem and I could not handle the idea of going without a drink for one day (let alone the rest of my life). I would start each day with a 1 litre bottle of strong white cider and would continue drinking throughout the day and I’d repeat this pattern 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I was always under the influence of alcohol and would put my drinking before everything. I was on a self destructive path which was putting everything I loved at risk and there seemed to be nothing I could do to beat my addiction to alcohol. I tried cutting down,but that never worked and within days I would be drinking the usual large amounts of alcohol. You will find a number of sober living houses in nj which practice habits that help them overcome drinking.

After an unsuccessful suicide attempt whilst I’d been drinking, I decided I had to do something to stop because if the alcohol didn’t kill me then suicide would. I tried Alcoholics Anonymous,but it wasn’t for me as I needed to be able to quit on my own. I needed to prove to myself that I had the strength to beat my addiction and so I looked for alternatives to AA on the internet.alcohol1

I found a method called Rational Recovery which involves recognizing that your addiction resides in a primitive part of the brain, the part of the brain which is responsible for your survival. The mid brain controls all of our vital living processes including the beating of our heart, our breathing and indeed every unconscious process responsible for our day to day survival. This part of the brain believes that alcohol is essential for your survival and that is why you may feel a sense of panic at the thought of living without it.

The good news is that out conscious brain is more powerful than this primitive part and with a little effort it is possible to to stand up to your addiction. It is as simple as saying “No!” when this part of the brain tells you that you need a drink. This may sound impossible if you have a severe drinking problem, but believe me it does work.

Giving up drinking can be droken down into four simple steps which are summarized as follows:


Understand why you drink and the psychology behind your addiction. The primitive part of your brain falsely believes that you need to drink alcohol to survive.


(Before you stop drinking YOU MUST seek medical assistance, I was a chronic alcoholic,chemically dependent on alcohol and without medication I would have put my life in danger. Seeking medical advice must not be avoided, and the medication prescribed can make the withdrawal process easy to handle)

Make a commitment to stop drinking forever and notice how this thought makes you feel. When I first asked myself this question I was overwhelmed by panic. I simply couldn’t imagine a life without alcohol. This is the response that the primitive brain will give. The primitive brain is not logical and does not understand that you can survive without alcohol and this reaction is perfectly normal. Rational Recovery suggests that you respond to this argument with an answer that will appease the primitive part of the brain. For example, when you hear the inner voice panicking just calmly respond with. “It’s okay I’ll start drinking again in a hundred years from now!” That may sound stupid, but then primitive brain has no idea about the concept of time and it will accept this argument as silly as it may seem.


Think of this primitive part of the brain as being separate from yourself. Give it it’s own identity and when you think that you need a drink understand that it is “IT” than needs the alcohol and not you. It’s almost like a little Devil on your shoulder whispering in your ear, think of it this way and it becomes easy to tame and tho conquer.


Recognize that you have a choice not to drink and whenever you feel the craving come on,respond with, “I can drink if I want to, but I choose not to…” I found this train of thought was incredible powerful because I was making a conscious choice not to drink and not suppressing the desire. This is very empowering and worked very well for me.


Congratulate yourself for being strong enough to conquer the primitive brain and reward yourself for your abstinence. Take up a new hobby or help other people to overcome their addiction by setting up a website, blog or online support group where you can share what you’ve learned with other people.

Say No!

If your friends offer you a drink say, “No, thanks I’m quitting…” It isn’t hard to do and if your friends have a problem with you not drinking,then maybe they were not such good friends after all.


Understand just how strong you are as an individual and that you have the power to overcome your alcoholism. I have been able to resist my alcoholic urges since 2006 and have never relapsed once. There have been times when I’ve been depressed and challenged by the primitive brain but I’ve never let it eat me and I can say with all honesty and conviction that I will never drink again. I am living proof that this technique works!

Alcoholism. Some of the possible long-term effects of alcohol an individual may develop: atherosclerosis, cirrhosis, pancreatitis, damage to brain function, chronic heart failure, reproductive dysfunction.