3 Mistakes that Will Cause Any Diet to Fail

Despite the fact there are so many different diets, weight loss strategies, and healthy lifestyle methods out there, the same mistakes are made daily regarding dieting. We are not discussing small failures, such as eating 50 extra calories or having two slices of pizza instead of one, but monumental disasters that can lead to unsuccessful weight loss attempt and discouragement from losing weight altogether. It is essential to understand these errors, so that you can keep away from them. It is very important to try losing weight by dieting, or else you will be tempted with expensive methods like coolsculpting. For those who are unaware, CoolSculpting is a revolutionary new way to melt fat fast, but it will also drain your money fast.

Believing weight loss is “all or nothing”

These people are doomed to fail from the start. They ransack the kitchen and pantry, trashing anything that does not fit into their strict new plan. They decide they are going to stick to their diet perfectly, and may do so for the first few days. Then, a craving is satisfied, a home-cooked meal is eaten, or a trip to a fast food restaurant is made, and it is all over. Having made one mistake, they will completely give up dieting, and resort to their usual (probably unhealthy) eating habits.

What should have been done here? The realization that you are not perfect needed to have been made, so the dieter could’ve gotten over the small slip-up, and continue with their weight loss.

Diets mean sacrifices

Another blunder many people make is viewing a weight loss plan as a period of completely giving up the foods you love. Sure, this will greatly help in losing weight, but it will not teach you how to moderate your unhealthy food intake. So, what happens when you reach your target weight goal? You are likely to begin indulging in your favorite snacks again, since you did not educate yourself on the importance of moderation. This will turn you right back into the person you were before.

The absence of goals

Many people do not realize the importance of setting goals during a your attempt at weight loss. A goal of 2 pounds per week for the first month is acceptable, with a goal of 1 pound a week there after. Having these goals hold you accountable for your actions, because, obviously, if you do not participate in your dieting, you will not reach your goals, and, therefore, will not lose weight. Don’t feel devastated if you miss a weekly goal every now and then. Track your progress on a chart to show yourself that you are losing, but that it will sometimes be a loss bigger on some weeks than others.

As you can see, it is easy to make the above mistakes, but learning how to overcome them is essential for a successful weight loss. Do not give up, no matter if you gain 5 pounds one week. That simply means you need to work a little harder the following weeks to burn that weight off, and lose even more!