What Is The Main Difference Between Bitcoin And Ethereum?

Cryptocurrencies have gained massive popularity in the last few years as it is a lot more convenient and quick. Most of the cryptocurrencies work on the blockchain technology that if better than the local currencies. Bitcoin is often termed as digital money as it serves all the purposes of money digitally. You can hold the bitcoin in virtual wallets makes them easy to store and keeps them safe and secure. There are various types of cryptocurrencies in the market, and ethereum and bitcoin are one of the most popular and common types of digital currencies used by people all over the world.

The Bitcoin era has surpassed as now there are various other digital currencies available in the market. Ethereum is another digital currency and giving high competition to the bitcoin. It is becoming popular at high speed and soon will take over bitcoin. Bitcoin is highly popular, so people don’t have enough knowledge about other digital currencies like Ethereum, and they believe they all are like bitcoin, but in reality, there are some clear differences between ethereum and bitcoin. Various points differentiate both of these currencies, and some of the most important of them are the following.

How is ethereum different from bitcoins?

It is irrefutable that ethereum and bitcoins both are forms of digital currencies, but there are some features and aspects that make both of them different from each other. Both of these currencies work on a system known as a blockchain, but the blockchain of ethereum is quite different from the bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin blockchain focuses specifically on virtual currency, whereas the blockchain of ethereum is less precise. They both don’t have any authority or organization that controls or manages their working and transactions.

What makes ethereum and bitcoin different?

Even though they’re both are quite similar, but still, some things make them different, like block time of ethereum is mere 12 seconds, whereas bitcoins take up to 10 minutes easily. Secondly, bitcoin is considered as currency and serves all the purposes of the local currency, but ethereum can only be used for applications, and for that too, it used its own currency vehicle. It makes the bitcoin more preferable as it is more convenient and stable and more useful.

Issue of currency

The issuing of currency is the primary factor that differentiates ethereum and bitcoin from each other. If we talk about bitcoins, it creates around 12.5 new currencies every 10 minutes, whereas ethereum has the speed of creating three currencies every 15 seconds. It is a significant factor that separates these types of digital currencies.

Language used

The language of bitcoin is already built-in them and offers limited features and functions. It comes with few operations only, whereas, on the other hand, ethereum uses a language that serves most of the general purposes and has various programs that are written in this language. The programs written in this language are known as smart contracts.


The algorithm used in bitcoin is a hashing algorithm which requires specific hardware for efficient performance and is also termed as ASICs. On the other hand, the hashing algorithm of ethereum is more intense, which makes it challenging to build a chip for it.

To put in a nutshell, it cannot be said that ethereum and bitcoin are the same as there are various major differences in both of these digital currencies.