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What are the most common tools used by a business analyst?

Businesses are growing at a burgeoning pace nowadays, and in every sector, there is a cut-throat competition which had made it highly challenging for a business to survive. A business cannot by a single person as they require a well-qualified and hard-working team of employees so that different tasks can be distributed among them. It lowers the burden of the work and promotes better business management. There are various jobs and tasks related to a business, and one of the most vital tasks is business analysis. Analyzing business is highly necessary as it helps to recognize the new needs of the business and to take care of all over the needs and requirements of the business that is necessary for its rapid growth.

Business analysis is an important task, and it is better if you hire well-educated and experienced staff for it, such as a professional business analyst. A business analyst is a person who takes care of all the needs of the business and sees where there is needed to make a change in the business for its betterment. A business analyst uses different tools to describe the needs of a business and to gather all the resources and then to communicate it to the related personnel. It also helps to formulate the best business strategy as he knows all the aspects and what is best of the business. If you want to be a business analyst, then you start sharpening your mind from a young age. You must buy puzzle piece templates puzzle piece templates as it is one of the best ways to increases your cognitive abilities.

Some of the most useful analysis tools used by the top business analysts

Microsoft office

There are various applications offered by the Microsoft office, and most of them are of great use to business analysts as it makes it highly accessible for them to analyze the business in the best possible way. There are various products of Microsoft office suite that is used by almost every business analyst, and some of the most useful of them are listed below.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft is most used by all the professionals as it is used to make a digital presentation, which is shown in board meetings to display the ideas and plans. A business analyst has to forward his ideas and plans to the other person, and in that task, PowerPoint is quite helpful.

Microsoft word

A business involves a lot of documentation, and the business analyst manages most of it. He uses Microsoft word for most of his documentation as there are various templates offered by the Microsoft word that you can use for documentation purposes. It also provides multiple fonts, themes, font color, charts, shapes, and you can also insert images in it according to your needs and requirements. It is highly useful in creating different documents for varying purposes.

Google docs

Business analysis involves a lot of documents and paperwork, and an analyst needs a secure way to share these project documents. Google docs are one of the safest and most efficient applications developed by Google, which allows professionals like business analysts to share the documents with other officials over the internet safely. You can share all kinds of documents such as .pdf, .txt, .docx, etc easily with the help of google docs, which makes it easy for business analysts to share important documents.


There is a massive need for wireframing applications in various projects and tasks of a business analyst. The primary use of wireframing applications is to enhance contact and engagement with the users. Balsamiq is a business analysis tool used by most of the top business analysts. It helps to engage with the shareholders and also helps to get a quick response from them as feedback. One of the biggest advantages of this tool is that it allows the analysts to host the projects over the internet, which saves a lot of time efforts. The user interface of this tool is highly user-friendly and straightforward, which offers high speed. You also get access to pre-installed templates and libraries, which make it more useful.

To conclude, there are various tools available that are used by business analysts to make their task easier and quicker.