Ways To Blanket The Horse Perfectly

Change is an inevitable part of life, and there is almost zilch that we can do to avoid changing circumstances, changing the climate, and of course, changing seasons! However, what we can do is ACCUSTOM OURSELVES to the changing environment.Just in time, the season to warm ourselves with the blanket is here! .But is not it an extremely self-centric idea to cater to just our needs and ignore the needs of animals?

In this article, we will be throwing light on one of the most archaic animals, The Horse. We will be listing some of the ways by which one can ensure getting the perfect horse clothing and horse blanket.

Type of blanket

When questioned on Horse Blanket, the first question that would flash across the screen of our mind is whether to use A STABLE BLANKET OR best horse blankets.

An important requisite while purchasing a blanket is to see whether it is waterproof. However, this totally depends upon the buyer. It’s on his whims and fancies if he would want to have a waterproof blanket or one bereft it.

Stable blankets are not waterproof, and they are generally used when the Horses reside in the barn. They are not specifically body coverage oriented; they protect and shield the Horse in toto. On the contrary constant, turnout blankets are waterproof. There are two types of turnout blankets: 1- Standard 2-Combo. The difference lies in the area of coverage. Where the standard blankets cover from wither to tail, the combo blankets provide coverage just from behind the ears to the tails.


The motive behind using a blanket is primarily to keep the Horse warm. What keeps the blanket warm to wear? Of course, the material it is filled in with. The fill can be either of polyester or fiber. It is measured in grams. The greater the weight, the warmer the blanket. The correct choice of the material of the blanket depends on numerous factors. However, the most paramount one is: THE CONDITION OF HORSE’S COAT. If the horse grows a light fur coat, there is a fat chance that it might need a heavier blanket and vice versa.

DETERMINING Blanket size

In order to get a perfect blanket, one needs to measure the size of the horse using the measuring tape. It is recommended to use a flexible tape in order to get an accurate measure.


In order to ensure that the blanket lasts for a long time, one needs to keep it clean and store it properly. How do we do it properly?

The first step is to keep a properly maintained rack to stock the pile of blankets. The next step is a prerequisite to the first one. Once the rack is fit in place, you have to fold the blanket in a way that it does not get creased. When you see the blanket getting dirty, you may wash it using a mild wash powder since a strong powder might pacify the effect of the material used.

This gets us to the end of the cleaning section. Would this be enough? AN ABSOLUTE NO! Cleaning without proper storage is just half a thing done. Storing is of utmost importance. Once the blanket is cleaned, you can store them in a properly sealed container to ensure longevity.