Unique Upcoming FPS Titles

With the market over saturated with First Person Shooters (FPS) games these days, it’s hard to find a game that maintains a fresh perspective on the situation. Many games these days simply rely on the already proven Call of Duty formula, with the CoD series falling into the same trap. Innovation is lacking, and with the price of games tallying a mighty $60 per title, it’s important to find quality titles on your radar that are deserving your hard earned cash.

I’ve compiled a handful of FPS games that are soon to be on the market, all offering a fresh perspective on the tried and true formula of todays games.

If you’re looking for a fresh twist on the all too frequent modern warfare theme, some of your attention should be diverted to Homefront. Homefront paints a nihilistic portrait of an American society ruined by a fictional war with the Soviets, taken right to the heart of America. Players take control of rebels, as they fight to retake the country they love. While the storyline may be generic, and the single player most likely forgettable, the multiplayer introduces a new twist on the stale Call of Duty formula. Instead of collecting kill streaks rewards based on the number of enemies killed, players earn points for the kills they’ve made which can be spent mid-battle on upgrades for their army.

While Halo reigned supreme in the shooter gallery for quite sometime, futuristic shooters died down after the success of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The gaming market is filled with generic military shooters, taking place in fictional cities, fighting against fictional factions that are oddly similar to the Taliban our troops are currently fighting. Most gamers are probably sick of shooting the same turban covered lads over and over again, and may want to divert their attention to some futuristic titles offering a little than the typical “Shoot the terrorists to win” mindset.

Bulletstorm is a new IP from developer Epic Games, who’s well known for their series Gears of War, and takes place on a hostile mercenary filled world. Players take control of a young man who’s sole purpose is to destroy goons in the most creative ways possible. Featuring lewd references, crude humor, an electric whip, and a unique “Trick shot” system, Players spend their game time creatively murdering mutants, accumulating points, and cashing in those points for new gear to mutilate bad guys. A demo is available on both Xbox Live and Playstation Network for those looking to get a taste of the action before the game hits shelves later this year. FPS tracker is a good tool to check your game’s ranking and stat.

Another futuristic title gamers can look forward to is Brink. It’s unique twist on the FPS genre is more than just customization (although, it does feature that as well). The gimmick it sells is a free running mechanic that allows players to jump, slide, and climb over any obstacle in the game. Combined with the customizable options presented to players, this should make for a rather interesting experience. Players will also be able to take the battle online with their friends, ensuring everyone can get in on the action.