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Understanding The Difference Between A Turntable And A Record Player

Are you looking to know the difference between a record player and a turntable? Well, many people get confused about these two terms. The reason is that they think both of them are similar. Actually, they are not. We have seen many articles on the web that uses these terms as a replacement or interchange them when needed. It is because they are only promoting different brands.

Websites are only looking to get a commission from the online stores to promote their brands. Luckily, many of us can spot the difference on these sites in a few moments. Since you have been on this page, you may be looking for getting a good explanation of the dissimilarity between turntables and record players. So we are here to let you know about every aspect of them. Let us discuss the differences below.

  • Definition

  1. Turntable

The turntable is the main element of the record player, which means it is the part that can hold and spin the record. But, the component is also considered to be the standalone unit that you can easily purchase from the market. You can shop turntables from both online and local stores. In other words, the turntable is just like the record player but does not have an amplifier, or built-in speakers. These two elements must be purchased separately and can be connected with the help of RCA cables.

Many turntables available on the market come with exceptional features that make people buy them instead of record players. There are certain components that you need to buy additionally for using a turntable, but most music lovers prefer using this device than a record player.

  1. Record player

A record player is a complete audio device that includes an amplifier, built-in speakers with turntable. It comes with many additional features than the only turntable. Well, the most common drawback that every user feels is the size. The units are heavier and larger, and they are not portable. That is why they are not perfect for moving from one place to another. Another reason why people don’t prefer the record player is the cost. It is much expensive than the turntable. This makes people shop turntables and gather all the necessary equipment.

  • Which one is better?

Both of them come with various advantages and disadvantages. Which one will be better only depends on your needs and how you are going to use them. Many people prefer to use record players as they are ready to play music at any time. On the other hand, a quality turntable will ready to beat every model of the record player.

If you are more serious about collecting vinyl, then buying the turntable is the best to listen to high-quality music. As we have mentioned above, one must have to purchase additional components to get the most from the device. Well, if you are a professional DJ, then turntable is the way to go. No other units can beat the use of these devices.

To summarize, these aspects will help you to understand the difference between a turntable and a record player. If you are looking for buying the unit for professional purposes and want to listen to high-quality music, then turntable is the best way to enjoy it.