Business Marketing Tips

Three Marketing Tips for a Green Business which can beneficial for you!

There are many reasons why a person may decide to go green in their personal life, but a person who makes the decision to go green when it comes to business is obviously really dedicated to making the earth a safer and less toxic place. If you’ve recently decided to start a green business and are in need of some advertising strategies, this shouldn’t be too difficult, as you’ll just need to inform your customers and prospective customers of the benefits of your business, and how it can help to better not only their lives, but the entire earth as well.

Direct Mail Marketing

This is a very effective way to advertise a business, and a green business is no exception. One reason why direct mail marketing is such a good way to advertise is because the people who you’ve chosen to market to have already shown some interest in what you’re marketing, or at least in something similar, making them more likely to be responsive to what you have to offer. You can begin your direct mail marketing campaign by first creating the newsletters, flyers, postcards, or brochures that will tell your perspective customers all about what you have to offer. Next you’ll contact a company that keeps track of names and addresses of people who have shown a recent interest in similar products. You will then decide how many flyers, newsletters or postcards you’d like to send out to begin with and then purchase a list of that number of names and addresses. You can do this by phone, mail or internet, and of course the internet is faster and you will receive your list immediately upon online payment. Once you’ve obtained your list, all you need is postage, your newsletter or flyer, and you can start mailing them out immediately and start waiting for responses.


This advertising strategy may not be as successful for new business owners as it would be for those who are already established. If you’re not yet established, you may want to combine this strategy with another one, just until you start to get more business. Word-of-mouth advertising is just like it says, “word-of-mouth.” You make one customer happy and they tell all their friends, who come to you to provide the same service for them. One definite advantage of this type of advertising tactic is the fact that you won’t have to spend one, red cent. Simply satisfying customers will bring you more.

Newspaper Ads

If you have the funds, you may choose a more effective way to advertise your green business, especially if you are working with top medical web design companies, as they will provide you with all the essential information in the respected practice. Elaborate ads in your local paper is a great place to start, and if your product or service is something that can be provided through the mail, you could even place ads in newspapers in other areas as well. Don’t forget the helpfulness of the web either, because Craigs list is a great site to place a free ad, as well as myspace. There are also many sites that you can pay to advertise with. According to Michael Wong, the editor of Mike’s Marketing Tools Magazine, the internet can be a very lucrative place when it comes to advertising and making money. All it takes is some patience and persistence, and you can be on your way to having the best new green business there is.