The Pros And Cons Of Becoming A Fruitarian

If you are getting tired of your meat and potatoes diet because your waist keeps expanding, then you might consider fruitarianism, a form of veganism. Wikipedia defines this diet as “a form of veganism that is limited to eating the ripe fruits of plants and trees. ” If you are like my husband, vegetables excite you about as much as being given a bag of hay to eat, but you’ll eat fruit by the cartload! When I first learned of this dieting concept, my immediate thought was “how can a person survive on just fruit?” In fact, fruitarianism is not simply eating large amounts of fruit. Rather, it can encompass numerous foods, including: “berries, nuts, seeds, capsicums, tomatoes, squash, and peas. ” This article will help you determine whether fruitarianism is a good choice for you, as it will examine the pros and cons associated with adopting this diet. Before you decide to make a life altering decision, it might be useful to consider a list of vegan meal kit companies that could be helpful. 

There are definite advantages to adopting this diet. First and foremost, no animals are harmed by your choice of meals. For some of us who are animal lovers, you simply cannot bear the thought of any animal suffering in order for you to eat. Especially seeing the many people who do not eat animal products or bi-products seemingly without any repercussions. Secondly, if you are not eating tons of fatty animal products, you will lose a considerable amount of weight. Not to mention, you are eating tasty fruits that seem like a treat! So, to start, this diet definitely sounds like a diet that I could adopt.

There are, however, health related problems that have been associated with adopting this strict diet of fruits and plant related bi products. Vitamin B12 cannot be found in these foods, as it is generally bound to proteins in food. Furthermore, persons with gastrointestinal diseases or anemia should be wary of this type diet, as this vitamin is a necessity to control their condition. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause “anemia, fatigue, weakness, constipation, loss of appetite and weight loss. ” The National Institute of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements recommends that strict vegetarians, like fruitarians, should take vitamin B12 supplements and should speak with their physician about these recommended supplements to their diet. It is also essential that breast feeding women who follow a vegan related diet consult with their pediatrician regarding B12 supplements, as neurological disorders in infants can be associated with a lack of vitamin B12 in their mother’s breast milk.

As there are health related problems, there are also health related benefits. The website boasts that this diet allows you to detoxify you body of its “acidic chemical imbalance” by “eliminating stored wastes from the body”. The website also boasts that followers of the diet will have a restored energy, elimination of several allergies, improved eyesight, quick and strong growth of hair and fingernails, increased resistance to cold and hot water, faster reflexes, increased endurance and energy, better sense of smell and hearing, fresher breath and a decreased body odor, the ability to fast with no adverse effects, greater concentration, memory and mental focus, and decreased stress.

While these health-related advantages may aid in your decision to adopt this diet, you must also consider economic related factors. You must ask yourself, is this diet feasible? Especially considering the rising cost of fruit and the lack of year-round access to certain fruits. These factors will limit the fruitarian in obtaining the fruits that he or she may want at a particular time. Additionally, some find the diet to be difficult to maintain because they don’t feel satisfied after eating. Hunger and cravings are often associated with this diet, which can often lead to cheating, which pretty much negates the original point of the diet.

If you are seriously considering adopting fruitarianism as your diet, be sure to research this option more thoroughly for the sake of your health and others who might be affected by your choice. Furthermore, there’s no harm in trying the diet – but in the end, if you are not serious about adopting a diet to begin with, then you are doomed to fail!