One of the largest producers of Crude Oil – Nigeria

Nigeria is an African country famous for its large population. While its size is 200 times smaller than Russia’s, it has pretty much the same population. The country was the cradle of one of the oldest civilizations, has a large ‘collection’ of butterflies, is the largest producer of crude oil and its landscapes filled with the wonders of wildlife never cease to amaze visitors. Still, despite its diverse attractions, Nigeria has gained a reputation for email fraud. Some emails asking for personal details, including bank accounts numbers, came from Nigeria and made the country infamous. In fact, this type of email fraud is called Nigerian scam.NIGERIA

Nigerians though are hard-working people, very respectful towards their peers. They love to socialize and spend time getting to know each other. When they run into one another on the street, they don’t just shake hands. If they’re close, they’ll hug, kiss and share stories of what they were up to lately. Refusing to follow this social ritual is beyond rude, so take your time. Depending on one’s religion or language, their speech patterns or formalities might change. Nigeria is very diverse. Hundreds of ethnic groups speak about 500 dialects. Communities like Yoruba have very distinctive traits, traditions and beliefs. Another example would be Muslim women, who don’t shake hands or talk to men on the street.

NIGERIAThe Olumo Rock is probably one of the most famous places in Nigeria. Here, people used to hide from slave traders and later on, find shelter during wars. National parks, such as Yankari or Osun forests, include many animal species, lakes, different types of plants and amazing landscapes. Lagos Islands remind Nigerians of slave trade; you can get there by using the Third Mainland Bridge, the largest one in Africa. A museum in Jos owns some well-conditioned artworks from Nok Culture.