Gifts Guide

Lovely Gift Ideas for your Beloved Southern Belle

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or one of those days when you just want to let her know how much she means to you, give the Southern Belle in your life something special. Southern Belles are known for their charm, wit, and flirtatious personality. So, don’t just give her candy or roses. Even the best corporate gift companies may not satisfy her standards. Give her a romantic gift that fits her personality. 

Water globes 

Water globes are romantic. Give one to the Southern Belle in your life. These globes can feature several different themes. Some are geared toward the true southern lady like the Gone with the Wind water globes which can be purchased at starting at $39.74. There are also beautiful water globes that feature angels, princess, ballerina, butterflies, and carousels. These unique water globes can be purchased at or 

Gone with the Wind Figurines 

Gone with the Wind is one of the best known classical movies about the South, and Scarlett O’Hara is the ultimate Southern Belle. Scarlett is a symbol of the golden days of the South. If your Southern Belle is a fan of Gone with the Wind, you can give her some beautifully crafted figurines that are designed after characters from the movie like Scarlett and Rhett. These cute collectible figurines can be purchased from,, and 

Anniversary Clocks 

Can your love stand the test of time? Let her know that it can with an elegant anniversary clock. An anniversary clock is both beautiful and sentimental. It will not only help your Southern Belle keep up with the time, but it will remind her of your love. An anniversary clock can be purchased at or Prices start at $26.00. 

Music Boxes 

Charade your Southern Belle with some beautiful music. No, you don’t have to sing to her. Let a beautiful music box do it for you. You can choose your own unique style and melody. A charming music box can be purchased at, or 


What woman doesn’t love jewelry? Tell her that she is special with a unique piece of jewelry. If you are looking for a Southern jeweler choose Van Atkins. Van Atkins is located in New Albany, Mississippi, and they specialize in estate jewelry. They can be contacted at 866-826-2854 or you can visit them on the web at You can also locate that special piece for your Southern Belle at Zales or Jared’s. Browse them online at or 

The South has its own special type of lady-the Southern Belle. For that special occasion, give her one of the romantic items from the list above.