Guide Home Cleaning

Learn The Art of Cleaning From Mom- The Best Teacher

Who are the people that are the most important ones in our life? Someone who love us unconditionally and unequivocally without expecting anything in return.  Who are the ones who prepared to even lay down their lives for us if the circumstances call for without a moment’s hesitation.

Obviously, the only people that come to mind are mum and dad, who together make up to be parents. When a couple takes up the mantle of parenthood, there can be no greater source of joy than the feeling of holding your new born child into your arms for the very first time and cuddling him hugs and kisses.

Parents are considered to be the greatest gifts from god who the children get completely free of cost and who play the greatest role in nurturing their child and inculcating him with values and cultures in order to make him a good person and fit to live in a civilized society.

The relationship that parents share with their child is the most beautiful of all and one of utmost love, affection and devotion. This phenomena cannot be explained into words as it is not something that is understood but only felt.

Now, both are equally dear to the child, but he/she would naturally feel emotionally closer and attached to one or the other. Normally, it has been seen that sons are closer to their mothers and daughters are closer to their fathers with some exceptions.

Be it in pop culture or in real life, it is the mother-son bonding that is highlighted more as they share an affinity with each other that sometimes goes beyond the realms of any relationship.

A mother’s presence is quite important in the child’s life as that it has been seen that the child grows up with a sense of joy that only a mom can bring, not that the father is less important or does not care for his son much.

Mom teaches you many different things in life that you get to learn and imbibe those qualities into yourself be it her nature, looks, behavior, attitude, positive and negative aspects of life, to name a few.

Here, it is important to mention one specific quality that a child may/may not but must get from his mom. It is to learn to keep the house and his surroundings neat and clean.

It has been seen that moms are generally cleanliness freaks and simply despise any object or person that is even remotely dirty. Women, once they attain motherhood, have the knack of spotting dirt even if it is a few feet away and are obsessed with keeping everything clean.

This streak is called obsessive compulsive disorder where people are averse even to a small stain and clean it with pleasure the moment they spot it.

Sadly, very few children have inherited this unique trait from their mothers as it helps to keep everything spotless and shiny. What is wrong with cleaning anyway? Why do today’s youngsters enjoy throwing dirt around and making a mess of their house? Why are they so lazy to clean their room?

After all, cleaning makes the environment more eco friendly and also keeps diseases and ailments at bay which find their way into our body through the bacteria that breeds on dirt and garbage.

The cleaning process is quite necessary to follow and when you get used to it you will enjoy doing it just as much as your mother does and there can be no greater pleasure than to keep everything around you neat and well ordered.

So, today we are going to talk about certain tips for cleaning that can be learned from mom so as to adopt this habit right from the start and make it a practice so that others to follow suit.

Some important eco friendly cleaning tips are as follows:

  • Take Care of Packaging: Always be alert and conscious when it comes to packaging as you get all objects wrapped in packets. Cleaning products are come in very handy and simply reduce the plastic bags and covers and adopt to jute as it is more environment friendly
  • Use baking soda and vinegar: These two items are quite useful for home cleaning be it the floor or sofa covers. It also takes very little time if vinegar spray is used as it greatly reduces odor. Baking soda is also important because it is non toxic
  • Cleaning Items: Simply ordering your cleaning supplies online is not enough, you need to take care to buy only the latest products as they are up to date and reliable
  • Dish washer: What you need for washing dishes is either soap or bar as they are quite versatile and in large quantity
  • Salt and lemon are best for brass and copper items
  • Another important product is oxiclean
  • Never use paper towels as they are good absorbants