How To Fight Colds With Natural Remedies

The season of the common cold and flu is upon us. This year we also have that nasty H1N1 flu to deal with.

There are some natural remedies that might help you fight colds and maybe prevent cold and flu all together. It is worth the try. Nobody likes to feel under the weather, sneezing and coughing all season long.

Natural Remedies

natural remedies

It’s amazing how certain things that we take for granted and don’t even think about can helps us fight nasty colds.

Here is a list of some natural remedies that might give you the upper hand on fighting colds and flu this year.

Wash your hands often – did you know that washing your hands properly at least 5 times a day can cut catching a cold by 50%?
Green Tea – brew a cup the moment your first symptoms of cold appear. It’s known to stop the virus from replicating.

Echinacea – this herb is known to be a powerful cold fighter and shorten the duration of colds. Make sure you get Echinacea blend from purpurea leaves or pallida root.
Bigger Breakfast – when your immune cells don’t get the proper nourishment they become inactive. Make sure your breakfast is rich in Vitamin E to give you better protection against cold and flu viruses.
Zinc – zinc lozenge can dramatically shorten and fight your cold when taken at the first sign of the symptoms
Vitamin C – found in tomato or carrot juice is known to make the mucus membranes stronger which helps them to block the nasty germs.

Fight Colds With Natural Remedies

Be Positive – Don’t Worry Be Happy – research shows that happy people have more then 50% less chance to get sick with cold
Chicken Noodle Soup – who doesn’t feel good after eating a bowl of hot chicken soup? It also has anti-inflammatory benefits that help with cough, congestion and runny nose.
Sing, Sing and Sing – louder you are better it is for fighting cold. Your levels of immunoglobulin A – an immune system fighter will skyrocket by almost 150% and will help your body fight bacteria and viruses. So don’t be shy..sing like you never sang before.
Hot Bath – daily relaxing hot bath will help your body dilate blood vessels and relax muscles which is important for immunity boosting nutrients to be absorbed.

Fight Colds With Natural Remedies

Do you have more natural remedies to help prevent cold and fight flu? Let me know. I would love to share them.