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How to Decorate a Mediterranean Themed Kitchen

It comes as no surprise that decorating a kitchen in a Mediterranean theme has gained popularity over the past few years. Tropical decorating is contemporary, and a Mediterranean inspired kitchen will set a warm and comfortable tone to the whole house. A Mediterranean kitchen design welcomes juicy color schemes, natural elements like natural wood, plants, decorative grasses, and bamboo. If you have darker wood cabinets in your kitchen, then the Mediterranean motif will be most successfully accomplished. Lighter wood cabinets, like oak, are a little more difficult to use in a Mediterranean themed kitchen, but it can still work. Have fun as you use these simple tips to create a clean and welcoming kitchen reminiscent of the Mediterranean world.

Explore Spicy Colors

A Mediterranean kitchen must be filled with spicy colors that invigorate your eating space with an exotic mood. If possible, paint your walls medium beige or a light brown to induce a warm and exotic presence. Then, apply splashes of red, deep green, gray, spicy orange, and dark brown around the room. These color splashes can be explored in the form of placemats, plates and bowls, wall art, and decorative throw rugs. Remember, your Mediterranean kitchen should remind you of the rich and spicy colors of faraway lands. The exotic splashes of spicy color will create and ethnic blend of warmth and harmony to your kitchen space.

Invest in Elegant Appliances

Your kitchen countertop area and appliances will probably be the focus of the room, so make sure that your appliances do not detract from the Mediterranean appeal. It is best to use black or stainless steel appliances for your kitchen. The Mediterranean appeal is colorful and modern, so black or stainless steel appliances will help to create a contemporary design. To make sure that your countertop doesn’t get too overcrowded, be sure to display only three or four countertop appliances. The rest can be stored away. The Mediterranean kitchen is all about natural elements like plants, fruits, and vegetables, so feel free to display some fruit in a large bowl on the countertop or kitchen table.

Entertain the Idea of Exotic Textures and Patterns

Cotton, silk, wicker, and rattan are all valuable texture additions to a Mediterranean kitchen. Introducing a variety of textures to your kitchen space can create an exotic mood. If you have room for a small table and chairs in your kitchen, then consider wicker chairs and a wooden table. This will help warm up the room and allow the texture of wicker to induce a natural feel to the kitchen. Window treatments can be constructed from bamboo shades, matchstick blinds, and contemporary panels made of raw silk or cotton. A mosaic piece of wall art or some jewel-toned dishes will certainly incorporate the spicy colors into the room. A Mediterranean kitchen entertains the idea of blending ethnic accessories, spicy colors, and exotic textures into a warm and comfortable kitchen eating space. For all your woodworking answers you can visit the link. There you get a wide range of themes, patterns, and furniture options that you can choose form at really affordable prices.