Handy Guide On Major Features Of AFK Arena

AFK Arena is undoubtedly one of the best RPG games we have today. Players have posted commendable reviews about its auto-playing function that allow you to continue with the game even when you aren’t playing it manually. Lilith Games has surely armed this fascinating game with a wealth of fascinating features. Now, although this amazing RPG number is mostly played on auto-play mode yet you still have to manually resolve the challenges to level up in the game. Ranhorn is the primary place where you would spend most of your time as well as face the exciting challenges. It demands a fine knowledge of the major features of this game which every player should know.

Are you new to AFK Arena and need idea on the features? Well, the post below offers a brief on the prime features you should be aware of in AFK Arena.

Reach Ranhorn

The first task of any AFK player is to complete the initial 12 levels. After you complete them, you will reach to Ranhorn- the epicenter of AFK Arena post its initial phase. To understand Ranhorn, you must get a basic idea of its crucial features:

Ascension Temple

This is a primary structure which will help players to strengthen their characters in the game. One of the main strategies to strengthen your chances in the game is to upgrade the characters. Your stats will get a dramatic rise once you upgrade the main characters. The main strategy to escalate your prime heroes to the higher levels is to sacrifice other troops.

Noble Tavern

The Tavern is the place where players summon or call their new heroes. Now, here is a catch. You might end up wasting good amount of money here in your bid to call up new characters. To prevent unnecessary wastage, be cautious with your summons. Don’t just call any character randomly. Wait and think which characters would be really useful. It would help to prevent unnecessary wastage of money on unwanted characters. You might also opt for bulk summoning to save some bucks. the bulk approach would come at minimum 10 percent less than what it takes to call heroes individually. You can also take the help of afk arena redemption codes to free heroes without wasting money. 


As the name says, this is the building of knowledge. The Library is a fantastic knowledge to spruce up your knowledge about the mythology of Esperia- the fictional world where the game is theme on. Besides, Library offers you great opportunities to earn passive rewards. You can trigger these rewards through filling up blank spaces in each legend. And these passive bonuses will be a great support in your fighting in the latter part of the game. 

Guild Hall

Players will have the power to navigate Guild Hall after they can make their way to a guild. The Guild Hall houses various shops from where you might purchase unique items to improve your chances in the game. Then there might be group chases that will lead you to several tasks. 

Resonating Crystal

This is undoubtedly one of the most significant features of the game.

This particular house stores the “Pentagram” that automatically extends place for 5 greatest heroes of the player. There will be empty slots across the building. You might choose to allocate other characters/heroes in those slots. These personalities would maintain their high rank when they will be in those spaces. This way, you will have improved characters and that without the effort of upgrading them. 

Rickety Cart

This is another amazing facility in the game.

Rickety Cart allows players to adjust character level to improve their chances in the game? How do you do that? Well, all you would have to do here is to “reset” them and things will fall into place. 

If you can manage to restore hero tier right to the Level 1, the game will charge you 20 diamonds for each hero. Do you think that’s costly? Well, it might seem to be so but if you look at the bigger picture, you will understand it’s worth it. It’s because if you are able to reset, you will be able to recover just everything that you have actually spent in all those characters.