Guide Home Improvement Tips


Undertaking a home remodeling project is a huge task. The scope of the work alone is daunting enough for most people. A complete home remodeling project encompasses all parts of the home from a bathroom redesign to a backyard remodel. Arguably the most important component of a home remodel task is the floor plan.

Designing a floor plan will set the pace for the entire project, and will ultimately dictate how the construction and remodeling task will progress. Despite the importance of a floor plan, it is still common for contractors and architects to make mistakes during the planning of this particular step.

Here are some of the most common mistakes made during the designing of a floor plan:

Excluding an entrance lobby in the floor plan

Designers often forget to include an entrance lobby in the final floor design, leaving the main entrance door to directly open to the living and receiving areas. This can eventually cause privacy concerns for the residents as it exposes them to all people entering the main door.

Poorly planning the garage placement

One of the most important part of a house floor plan is the garage. Strategically positioning the garage door towards a less visible part of the house will ensure privacy towards all the things that will eventually be placed inside the garage. Also, putting the garage near the kitchen door will make carrying things from the car to the house much more convenient.

Not putting into consideration the resident’s lifestyle

Every house is made different by the personality and lifestyle of the people living in it. A designer making floor plans for a house should always take into consideration the lifestyle and personality of the residents, making sure that the design will complement their characters correctly.

Not considering the safety of children inside the house

Chances are there will be children around the house at a given time, and we all know how prone children are to accidents. In designing a floor plan, always take into account the safety of children and make the floor plan safe for children to enjoy. This is most important in designing homes for families with small children with them. Safety is almost of utmost importance.

Going over your pre-set working budget

An extravagant floor plan may be nice in paper but if you’re going to spend a fortune to make it materialize is highly impractical. In designing a floor plan, always keep in mind the budget you have set and work within that amount. You can consult with designers for less expensive materials for the design that you want in order to not sacrifice much in design to address budget concerns.

Not visiting the spaces in each room

A well-executed floor plan is all about proper use of spaces. This includes proper positioning of furniture and the partition between different rooms in the house. Have a realistic approach in working with spaces, because more often than not, what may seem like enough space in paper is not entirely sufficient in reality. Make sure to visit the house and have a good grasp on how wide the rooms are and the working space you have at your disposal. Proper use of space in floor design is arguably the most important part of the entire process.