Bitcoin- The Great Downfall

There are two aspects of anything that you think of whether it is regarding a living being or, say, a new object launched in the market or a new software or revolutionary breakthrough. Only two things that is most discussed around it- the rise and fall.

It is an open secret that the world only salutes the rising sun and ignores it when it sets. It is a metaphor for success and failure. You will be looked up to and worshipped by others when you are a success and at the top.

But if the same people will ignore you when you become a failure and will be on a decline. The world that we live in is nothing more than a house. You can call it a house of heartbreaks.

If you are a success, your heart will break when people become envious of you and do their best to pull you down. You will always be surrounded by a large group of sycophants or yes man who are with you only to bask in your glory, to share it with you and live that part without trying it out on their own.

It is way harder to sustain the top position than it is to reach it. The sun that rises in the morning always sets in the evening and this cycle has been going on since aeons. Similarly, one who is at the top cannot stay there forever and will either be replaced or come crashing down for some reason or the other.

When you become a failure, your heart will break as you will become an object of ridicule and made fun of by those very same people who once stood up to you and swore by your name and yearned to be like you.

This process too predates ages and we have numerous examples of success and failures, highs and lows of different artists from different fields and they are not alone in this regard. Even the average common man goes through this cycle and basically no one is exempt from this process as it is a part and way of life. It is upto us, human beings, on how we play along and face the challenges that are brought down upon us at every path and every phase of our life in order to reach the final destination that we have visualized for ourselves.

Just like the success and failure of anyone depends on his/her talent and capabilities, along with a stroke of luck, we have also seen technology come into being in different forms of inventions and discoveries from brilliant minds of such talented individuals.

Technology undergoes the same process with each new invention replacing old ones and with ease with the change of times and circumstances. Bear in mind, that we have not lost old technology but merely bettered it so that it can cater to the newer and modern generations with hi tech gadgets and regular upgradation.

In this regard, we have bitcoin. It is a crypto-currency or digital currency that was launched in 2009 with much fanfare and quickly caught the fancy of different investors and youngsters due to its new approach and the promise of millions everyday.

However, within a few years, people gradually started losing interest as it could not be affordable to everyone and its decline was sharper and steeper than its rise. It began to be viewed as a ponzi scheme of minting of money from innocent, unsuspecting individuals.

According to the latest news reports, it has crashed badly in the past few years and is on the brink of decline right now with very few takers left to its name. The bitcoin era was good as long as it lasted but with the emergence of new digitized currencies with safer security measures, the great downfall of bitcoin is a lesson for potential, upcoming such currencies to tread carefully on this path.