Best Websites to Play Christmas Games Online

If you are getting excited about Christmas, you’re not alone. I am thrilled that Christmas will soon be here. If you’re feeling a little impatient, one of the things that you can do is play Christmas games online. You should also check out affordable hosting plans for Rust as well. This is a really seamless gaming experience.

It’ll help pass the time, plus you’ll still be in Christmas mode by playing holiday themed games. If you’re not sure where to go for Christmas gaming, this article will give you ten websites that offer Christmas games to play online that children and adults can enjoy. Most are kid oriented but I’ve played a few and they’re fun as an adult too.

Best Websites to PlayChristmas Games to Play Online

#1: Funschool

Funschool has seven Christmas games that you can play. One of them is called Evil Elves. The evil elves are trying to steal all of Santa’s presents for good little girls and boys. You click with the left button on your mouse and aim for the elves. Be careful because they throw snowballs back at you and you don’t want to accidentally snowball Santa Claus.

 #2: offers players one Christmas themed game called Snowball Toss. In Snowball Toss, you try to avoid being hit by snowballs, toss snowballs and make snowballs big enough to throw into the outline of a snowman to build the snowman.

#3: A Kids Heart

A Kids has eleven Christmas games that you or your child can play. Some of the games are only a little interactive while others require a lot of interaction. A few of the games available are Christmas Mahjong, Christmas Bells, Dress Up Elves, Christmas Tree Lights, Build a Snowman, Decorate a tree and Christmas Stocking Match Game.

#4: North

North lists several games that you can play including crossword puzzles that you do on their website by clicking and typing in the answers, building a snowman, decorating a tree, flashcards, a concentration game, etc.

#5: The Kidz Page

The Kidz Page is a neat website to go to overall because they have tons of things for kids to do and that includes Christmas games. They have a Christmas tree light up game, sliding puzzle, toss and catch and more.

#6: Billy Bear 4 Kids

Billy Bear 4 Kids has a few Christmas games listed. There are Christmas mazes, candy cane hangman, a save Christmas game, gather the presents, help Santa deliver the presents, tic tac toe, etc.

#7: DLTK Holidays

DLTK Holidays offers kids Christmas games such as a memory game, online jigsaw puzzle, word search and even hangman.

#8: The Holiday Spot

If you haven’t had enough game playing with the choices listed above, The Holiday Spot has even more games for you to play. They have a game where you match together the broken pieces and you can build a snowman at another game. If you get bored with the Christmas games, they have a wide selection of other non holiday games to play.

#9: Xmas Fun

Xmas Fun has a few games to play like slide puzzle, concentration and word search. They know that they don’t have a lot of games so Xmas fun also offers links to other websites that have fun Christmas games.

#10: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas has seventeen games that you can play. Some of the games available are a guessing a game, Mrs. Claus cookie pole, Rooney’s match game, trivia and an Elf quickness test.