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Back Strengthening Tips

Do you know that back pain is the second reason why people visit the doctor every year? The first reason is the common cold. What does this signal? This should signal that many of us need to strengthen our backs. You can consult your doctor for such recommendations. There are quality spinal care austin spine specialists that are going to help you with your every orthopedic needs. You can learn about more back strengthening tips from them.

If we begin to strengthen our backs now, we may be able to avoid pain before it starts and we may be able to lessen the pain we have all ready begun to experience. How can we strengthen our backs? Try some of these easy steps.

Back Strengthening Tip #1 Practice Good Posture When Sitting

Many of us have to sit a lot because of our job. What we may not realize is that while we are sitting and working we are sitting incorrectly. This bad posture not only keeps us from looking as good as we would, it is causing our back muscles to become weaken. A simple solution to this problem is to buy a lumbar support for your chair and to use it.

Back Strengthening Tip #2 Take A Break

Whenever you have to sit or stand in one spot for a great amount of time, you are stressing the muscles of your back. What you should do is try your best to take a break every hour. During this break get up and walk around some, even if this means just walking to a file cabinet or to the other side of the room and back.

Back Strengthening Tip #3 Skip Those Heels

Yes, heels may make you look and feel sexy. However, they can cause strain on many parts of your body, including your feet, ankles and back. Wear lower heels whenever you can.

Back Strengthening Tip #4 Teach Yourself To Sleep On Your Side

When you sleep on your side you are putting stress on your back muscles. If you must sleep on your back, try raising your knees.

Back Strengthening Tip #5 Teach Yourself To Lift With Legs, Not Your Back

By now, we all should know that when we are lifting we should be lifting with our leg muscles and not our back.

Back Strengthen Tip #6 Begin a Low Impact Exercise Program

Exercises such as a walking program, low impact exercise machines such as stationary bike or exercises such as yoga that concentrates on your core stomach muscles are the ideal exercises for everyone to be doing. Avoid high impact exercises such as: running, softball, rowing machines, tennis and basketball because they put a lot of pressure on your back muscles.

By learning and incorporating the above back strengthening tips into your life daily, you may be lucky enough to avoid a doctor’s visit that concerns back pain. Now if we could just figure out the cure for that common cold.