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Auto Detailing Businesses Thrive In A Bad Economy

Auto Detailing is a growing business and it requires little capital to start. However this business requires certain attention to “details” and great marketing skills. Since economy continues to suffer, people are keeping their cars longer. Keeping cars longer require both internal and external maintenance. If you love to wash your car and always keep your vehicle maintained, this business will be natural for you.

In order to start auto detailing business, you first need to learn the art of detailing. Auto Detailing is more than a simple car wash. Auto Detailer know how to do both internal and external cleaning very well. Internal detailing refers to complete vacuuming of inside the car and cleaning mats, inside of windows, mirrors and dash board. In addition internal cleaning may also require removing stains of upholstery if needed. External detailing refers to washing outside of the car like windows, wheels, tires, chrome trim and bumpers. External detailing also includes polishing and even touch-up if required by a client. Learning these important skills either by watching, reading self-help books or getting proper training is the key to success of auto detailing business.

Auto Detailer use lot of different products to perform their service. These products include professional polishes, waxes, brushed, sprays, detail clay and specialty clothes. The ability to use these chemicals properly and efficiently can save lot of time and money over the long time. Some Auto Detailer learn to use these products through trial and error method. However, carefully reading all the labels and instructions on the products is sufficient to gain proper understanding of their use. This is good way to protect your car from scratches and dust. You can even go for car paint protection to increase the life of the paint on your car. This is an easy and effective way to do so.

To start Auto Detailing business, it is essential to meet all city and county requirements. Check with your city offices for the business license requirements as well as “Fictitious Business Name” or DBA “Doing Business As” process. Establishing and meeting these requirements does not require large sum of money and can be done within few days. Auto Detailing can be done on your customer premise or you can even bring car in your own house for detailing purpose.

Once all the city and county requirements are met, buying auto detailing products is the next step. Buy quality products from wholesale stores for better deals. All essential products should not cost more than $500.00 to start with. Once business picks up, more products can be bought so avoid getting inventory of products you may not even use.

Auto Detailing business requires good marketing skills. Best ways to get business is to prepare good flyers and business cards. Leave those flyers and business cards to local rental-car agencies, car dealers, used car dealers, body shops, friends and families. However, leaving marketing materials will not be enough. Follow up with calls and solicit the business often. In addition, listing in the yellow pages and local newspapers will also help to get more customers.

In summary, Auto Detailing is a growing business. There are lots of opportunities in this market. However it requires special detailing as well as marketing skills to be successful in this business. Meeting city requirements is not that difficult and required capital is minimal.