An Ultimate Guide To Choose The Right Winch For You!

The modern technology has made our lives a lot more convenient as it has offered us umpteen machines that serve different purposes and make difficult tasks easy. There are various devices and machines that are used in day to day activities, and one of them is winches. A winch is a highly useful device installed in multiple vehicles and machines. Winches are used to pull a cable or rope and are usually used in vehicles used for off-roading. There is a vast range of winch designs, such as hydraulic winches, electric winches, etc.

There are several components of a winch, such as a drum, cable wire, motor, etc. and each one of them is equally important for the winch to work correctly. Winches are highly useful, especially in case of emergency; these winches help you to get out of it by using the rope or cable and pulling your vehicle out. The winch is based on a pulley mechanism that rotates and pulls the cable along with the thing attached to the cable. It is a device that everyone must own, but it is quite challenging to select one out of so many winches in the market. To help you, here is a list of good come-along winches and some tips that will help you to choose the most appropriate winch for you.

Factors to consider while buying a winch

Type of cable

The winch pulls using a cable wrapped on it, and it is necessary to choose the right kind of cable according to your needs and requirements. There are two common types of cables used in winches; synthetic fiber cables and steel cables. You need to choose one out of these two cables according to your requirements. Steel cables are more durable and strong but are quite heavy. Steel offers you high strength, but one the same time, there is also some risk of getting the cable covered with rust.

The cables made up of synthetic fiber are much more popular as it is lightweight and can be used easily. These cables are light and don’t sink in water, which makes them best to use in water. The break strength is much better than the steel ones. You must store them carefully as carelessness can cause some knot in the cable and damage its strength. If you are looking for more strength, then you must go for the steel cable, but if you want an overall good cable, then synthetic cables are the best.

Style of the winch

Another vital factor to consider while buying a winch is the style of winch you want to purchase. There are primarily two types of winches; electrically powered and hydraulic winches. Both of these winches have their own advantages and drawbacks, so you must consider all your requirements and then pick anyone out of these two. The electric winch is based on the motor, which is powered by a battery. You can easily use these winches anywhere until the battery power runs out.

The other type of winch, hydraulic based is connected to the pump of the power steering and uses the hydraulic power to pull the cable. These types of winches are more trustable and reliable as there is no battery and risk of getting it drained. The only disadvantage of hydraulic winch is that once you have mounted it, you cannot change it, and it limits its usage.

Length of cable

Selecting the right length of cable while purchasing a winch is one of the most important factors to consider as it affects the capacity of the winch. You must select the length of the cable according to your needs requirements, for instance, if you are going to take your vehicle in desert areas, then you must consider buying longer cables of around 150 meters. However, the most common and used length of cable is 90 to 100 meters, but you can choose the length that fits perfectly with your needs and requirements. You must also buy an extra cable to keep with you so that in case of any emergency or if the first cable gets damaged, you can use it and get out of the situation.

Speed of the winch

Winches have different gear systems, and these systems are responsible for the speed offered by the winch. There are two basic types of gear systems; planetary gear and worm gear. The worm gear is quite slow and is more appropriate for long pulls, whereas the planetary gear systems are much more powerful and offer you high speed. Both of these systems have their benefits, and drawbacks like the worm gear cannot provide you quick pull but are better for a longer pulling. On the other hand, the planetary gear is quite quick but is not appropriate for longer pulls, and it gets overheated quickly.