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KEFI defines ‘attractive’ gold project at Tulu Kapi

KEFI defines ‘attractive’ gold project at Tulu KapiLondon-listed gold-focused exploration/development company KEFI Minerals (AIM: KEFI) with its principal projects located on the Arabian/Nubian Shield, which is highly prospective for gold, has announced a resource update for its Tulu Kapi project in Ethiopia.

Tulu Kapi, where KEFI acquired 75% from Nyota Minerals last year, and has an agreement in place to acquire the remaining 25%, is located in western Ethiopia and has had a considerable amount of work undertaken on it over the past few years. Former owner, Nyota, effectively ran out of funds to progress the project and KEFI purchased the 75% interest in the project last December for £4.5 million.

The Tulu Kapi gold deposit was discovered and mined on a small scale by an Italian consortium in the 1930’s. Nyota Minera acquired the licences in 2009 and then KEFI defines ‘attractive’ gold project at Tulu Kapiundertook extensive exploration and drilling which culminated in an initial DFS in December 2012 based on a 2.0 million tonne/year processing plant and would have required a capital expenditure outlay of some $290 million.

In December 2013, KEFI Minerals acquired 75% of Tulu Kapi for £4.5 million. This acquisition cost equates to only $10 per reserve ounce and provides the information collected from historical expenditure of more than $50 million. KEFI is revising the DFS to reduce capital expenditure to approximately $143 million for a 1.2 million tonne/year processing plant and introduce more selective mining to increase mined gold grade.

On grant of a Mining Licence, the Ethiopian government will be entitled to a 5% free carry interest in Tulu Kapi.

Tulu Kapi is located approximately 360km due west of Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. A main road to Addis Ababa is within 12km of Tulu Kapi and is being sealed with asphalt during 2014. Power lines on the main electricity grid are within 40km of the project.

Nyota had defined an indicated and inferred resource of 1.9 million ounces back in 2012 and KEFI had initially updated this initial figure to 2.05 million ounces in March KEFI defines ‘attractive’ gold project at Tulu Kapithis year but has now come up with a further independently verified updated JORC compliant mineral resource slightly downgrading total indicated and inferred resource size to 23.7 million tonnes at 2.51 g/t gold for 1.9 million ounce. But what this does is give KEFI improved confidence in the figures – and with plenty of additional exploration potential around and below the current resource there should be plenty of scope for extensions in due course should a mine be built

KEFI has also defined, a resource within the planned open pit area of 22.0 million tonnes at 2.27 g/t gold for 1.60 million ounces with further high grade mineralisation of 1.62 million tonnes at 5.81 g/t gold for 303,000 oz as underground potential, immediately below the planned open pit.

The company is working on re-evaluating the original Nyota DFS and revising it as a slightly smaller scale operation requiring less capital to bring to production. With some improvement in the perception – and stock prices – for junior explorer/developers of late KEFI will be hoping that it will find the necessary capital raising easier than Nyota before it, provided that its revised DFS continues to see Tulu Kapi as a robust project at a sensible gold price level.

KEFI’s Managing Director, Jeff Rayner, commented on the latest figures thus: “We are KEFI defines ‘attractive’ gold project at Tulu Kapipleased that the independent review of the Tulu Kapi Resource and JORC compliant reporting validates our belief that we have an attractive open pit project and underground mining potential. This review gives us the correct internal resource dilution to accurately plan Tulu Kapi’s development and production.

The next step of producing the estimate of Probable Reserves is already advanced following which the independent reviews of our plans for project, community and finance will occur in quick succession. As a result, we are on track to lodge the mining licence application during Q4 2014, and, at the same time, expand project documentation for the planned project financing. All this gives the Board confidence that development will commence in 2015.”

Count the last decade as a loss – Anglo American CEO

The last ten years should be regarded as a lost decade for the South African mining industry, said Anglo American CEO Mike Cutifani, as he addressed delegates at the 2014 Joburg Indaba which began on Wednesday.

Anglo American CEO 1 “We have the single largest measured minerals inventory in the world here (but) in the course of the last ten years, real values in terms of the prices for our (mining) companies listed on the JSE have declined by 30%. At the same time, the rest of the JSE has performed exceptionally well…” he said. For an industry that is the most important driving force of the local economy, (directly and indirectly contributing 18% to GDP), this is simply not good enough, he said.

He believes that the key to turning the industry’s fortunes around, is relooking at the development pricing framework – which along with market fluctuations places additional pricing risk on mining companies – and efficient management of increasing costs (specifically, labour, utilities and transport), the uncertainty of which is a major cause for concern.

Anglo American CEO 1Transformation is another issue that makes international investors wary of the South African mining landscape. Investors understand the need for transformation, but when it becomes a dominating topic of conversation, they get nervous, Cutifani said.

Putting it bluntly, Cutifani said that the economy needs to get money from international investors as it cannot generate growth internally. Investors are driven by returns and if the returns are negative, they will pull out and there will be no investment to speak of. All stakeholders, workers and government included, need to be made aware that this should be the ultimate focus. The situation, where $6 billion invested in mining over the last ten years, has been accompanied by negative returns, cannot continue.

Anglo American CEO 1Cutifani commended the Minister of Mineral Resources, Ngoako Ramatlhodi (who gave the keynote address at the conference), on his candid approach to his new post in the cabinetry. He listed Ramatlhodi’s resolve towards ending the platinum strike and willingness to engage mining companies in developing policy, as an indication that the industry is fortunate to have him representing it at government level.

Integrated Marketing – The Holy Grail Of Marketing?

I am beginning to wonder if finding the lost City of Atlantis or figuring out how Pauly Shore actually had a career would be easier than getting marketers to grasp fully the importance and benefits of an integrated marketing strategy.

With all due apologies to all you Pauly Shore fans out there – all 8 of you, I was being quite serious in my contention that an integrated marketing strategy – a real integrated marketing strategy is becoming the Bigfoot of marketing – many have claimed to see it but there is no physical proof.

Of course I am being melodramatic but after this past week or so I am giving more and more credence to my Bigfoot theory. Consider, the State of Marketing Report from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, which I wrote about in my Marketers Still Not Integrating Their Marketing Strategy post. In that one I told of how “many retailers and marketers still think being cross-channel (integrated) is as simple as offering in-store pickup for ecommerce sales.” Then came the CMO Survey conducted by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, which I wrote about in this post: CMO’s To Increase Spending On Social Media But Integration Still Lacking. That survey revealed that “…marketers admit they have a ways to go toward integrating social media in their strategy.”

Integrated Marketing - The Holy Grail Of Marketing?

And now comes the “Bringing 20/20 Foresight to Marketing” survey from Forbes and Coremetrics. Like the aforementioned surveys, high level marketing executives and CMOs were queried for their feedback on a wide array of topics and once again integration or lack thereof stood out to me as a major red flag.

Just replace the word “UNIFIED” with “INTEGRATED” and you’ll see what I mean… (from the survey findings)


Marketing’s biggest challenge appears to be presenting a consistent, unified brand across multiple customer touch- points—on the Web, on social media, via mobile devices, and through traditional brick-and-mortar. This challenge extends to consistent messaging, a consistent customer experience, and a consistent, unified view of the customer.


According to the survey data, marketing executives value broad, comprehensive views of their customers. Indeed, many respondents say they’re focused on customer activity across multiple touchpoints.
Yet, many don’t actually have a handle on how their customers are using these different channels. Too many executives are producing data in silos, and then failing to connect that data to related information. This lack of unified view is hindering efforts to deliver brand messaging—and therefore effectively attract, convert, and retain customers.

Integrated Marketing - The Holy Grail Of Marketing? Now, an optimist would look at the chart above and point to the 65% of respondents who said they segment and target customers based on an integrated view of customer behavior. Well call me a pessimist then because I am more concerned with the 35% who don’t segment and target customers based on an integrated view of customer behavior.

(from the survey findings)

Marketers with a unified view of both online and offline activity find it easier to interpret data from individual channel performance. They’re also more adept at analyzing vendor performance and per-visit/per-session customer behavior. Perhaps most crucially, a unified view makes it easier to interpret longer-term customer behavior—particularly in social media and mobile channels. Marketers with a unified view are more likely to easily interpret multi-visit data. They’re also more able to assess the value of a campaign based on influence and interaction, and nearly twice as likely to find it easy to interpret customer data across multiple touchpoints.

Of the 65% of respondents who do segment and target customers based on an integrated view of customer behavior, this is what they’re integrated view of their customer includes:

Integrated Marketing - The Holy Grail Of Marketing?

Care to guess which two of the above jump off the screen at me as a major cause for concern? That’s right, the last two. Only 34% and 30% have a view of social media and mobile behaviors, respectively? What? Why?

I’m not going to restate and rehash and pull out the most recent social media statistics. Anyone and everyone knows and see the impact it has so I will spare you that information and accompanying charts. But what about mobile? Were these same respondents who place a low value on social media and mobile behavior not aware that revenue from M-Commerce is expected to increase tenfold from 2010 to 2014 in the United States, alone? Or were they not aware of a Forrester report which predicted that Mobile Marketing spending will have the biggest increase over the next five years among all Interactive Marketing platforms?

What am I missing here, folks?

Integration works. Mobile Marketing, Mobile Advertising and Social Media are the future and the future is now.

So what am I missing?

By the way, there are a lot of interesting and intriguing findings in the “Bringing 20/20 Foresight to Marketing” survey and I highly recommend reading it in its entirety and you may come away with a totally different viewpoint or take away, if you will, then I did.

Text Message Baby Onesies – For the Wee Geeks

Every geek despite their age should be allowed to express themselves! With the Text message baby clothing line, babies and kids can now express themselves in the geekiest way possible and without having to drool all over mommies new iphone! The new online store offers fun and funky eco-friendly baby clothes with style. Printed with cute text messages and emoticons, these wee clothes are the chic new look for the next geek generation.

Noob or Newbie Baby Onsie
Text Message Baby Onesies – For the Wee Geeks

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Golf Trips

Golf is a historical and respected sport throughout the world. Whether you want to stay in the States or travel abroad, many different trip options are available for golf enthusiasts.


Scotland is the birthplace of golf. If you’re looking for a truly authentic experience, the best place to look is Offering luxury experiences and VIP tours, is a resource that will lead the avid golfer and golf historian to a memorable trip.



Join the US Golf Association and gain access to 9,500 clubs around the United States. No matter where your destination may lie, the USGA is bound to have a golf destination waiting for you. Training facilities are also available for golfers who may need a little help with their swing.

Pebble Beach

Pebble beach is a Mecca for American golfers. Located seaside in California, three different course and hotel options make this a one-stop nirvana for true golf lovers. For those accompanying their golfers on the trip, a spa is also available, along with top-tier restaurants.


IMG Academies

Pioneered by David Leadbetter and partners with Callaway, the IMG Golf Academies are perfect packages for golfers. The Academies have specialized attention and tutorials for all levels of golfers. Although focused on students, adult programs are also available.

Tiger Woods

Arguable the greatest golfer of all time, Tiger Woods is beginning a career in course design. The first course and resort is set to bow in late 2009 in Dubai. Other future courses will open in Mexico (2011) and South Carolina (date not yet released).

In Case of Emergency, Break Glass and Re-brand

Zippo Lighters, the gold standard of lighters, comes to the harsh reality of a healthier, smoke-less world – works to re-brand itself in the retail world.

Remember Harley Davidson Perfume? Presumably, the idea was to create a scent so one could “smell like a biker.”

How about Gerber Singles? The idea behind this was to produce small servings of food for single adults – such as fruits, vegetables, starters and desserts – in the same jars used for baby food of all things.

These are just two examples of monumental branding flops (Celery flavored Jell-O, anyone?) that very well-known and very successful companies suffered through over the course of advertising time and lore. These are also examples of very well-known and very successful companies and owners of brands with a very high equity attempting to milk said brand, to squeeze as much as equity as they possibly can out of it, thereby essentially devaluing and demeaning the very brand they sought so hard to establish.

In Case of Emergency, Break Glass and Re-brand 1

But, what if, you were keeper of a brand with very high equity that was staring down the barrel of extinction through no fault of your own?

Light My Fire..

Enter the Zippo Manufacturing Company… they of the world-famous Zippo Lighters, of course.

Faced with the fact that the world is smoking less, getting healthier, all that good stuff, and hence the lessening need for lighters, they have decided to try and broaden their branded horizons, if you will.

Here’s two examples of their new line of retail items…

The company also plans to offer leisure clothing, sunglasses and watches, among others that will be sold via kiosks and Zippo-brand specialty stores.

To their credit, Zippo has not entered into this new era lightly… in fact they began consumer research over 10 years ago, asking fans of their brand…

“In addition to lighters, what other kinds of products would you be interested in if we offered them under the Zippo brand?”

CEO Gregory Booth describes the brand as “rugged, durable, made in America, iconic.”

In Case of Emergency, Break Glass and Re-brand 1

And the research showed that if they stayed true to these qualities and essences of the brand, they could in fact sell other products.

Only Time Will Tell…

So, will this work? Will brand loyalists and the general public welcome and accept these new products carrying the Zippo name? Obviously time will tell but my advice to Zippo would be to stick to the core of your brand and ensure these products carry with them the “rugged & durable” feel your iconic lighters have carried with them for years.

Not sure “rugged & durable” go with cologne especially when you consider the only fluid associated with Zippo is lighter fluid, but… time will tell.

I wish Zippo all the best but remember for every Swiss Army Brands Inc., which has had much success in selling luggage, watches, clothing and even fragrances – in addition to their world-famous knife, there are 3-4 Colgate Kitchen Entrees and Bic Underwear debacles.

So, what do you think?

Do you think Zippo will be ultimately successful in re-branding themselves as more than just a company that makes lighters?

Do you think they should have perhaps created a different name/brand to launch these new items?

Or was it wiser to capitalize and take advantage of the already-established brand?

Important Facts Related To The Limo Hiring

When it comes to the travelling at that time, there are different types of transportation sources used. It can help them in covering distance quickly and saving lots of time. For some special occasions, the individuals are trying to be specific and get a superior feel.

For availing these types of services, the interested ones need to consider the way of professional companies. You can find these types of companies by visiting the local market and on the internet as well. Some people are trying to find the reasons for availing the services and associated benefits. With the help of upcoming points, you are able to get information about these factors.

  • VIP feel

Limousine hiring services are getting popular these days. Mainly the individuals those have dreamed of traveling in a limo or visiting a party they can fulfill their dreams. With all these things, the limousine hiring services are beneficial in getting superior feel and existence. It can feel you like a VIP and represent as a rich personality.

  • No parking issues

If you are going to limo hire for prom, then you do not face any kind of parking issues. Mainly these types of issues are faced by individuals when they are travelling with own vehicles. In case of rental services, the limo drops you at the location and pick up you again when you are ready to leave. In all these things, you do not worry about parking and some other factors.

  • No driving issues

Some people are getting stress when they are going to drive. They need to focus on road and traffic. It may become a reason for lots of issues such as – bad mood due to traffic and spoil the party. The individuals those are availing the limousine hiring services then you do not need to drive. The company provides a driver for all these things. As a result, you can enjoy the environment and avail luxurious services inside the car.

  • Proper safety

The biggest thing about these types of services is related to safety. The service provider is always thinking about the safety of individuals. All these things are highly beneficial in enjoying the travelling distance and get several other benefits.

  • A great experience

By choosing the way of limo hire for prom, the users may get a good experience. They are able to enjoy luxurious facilities inside the car such as – television, drinks, music and so on. Consequently, they can get a memorable experience.

  • Avoid time issues

Most of the people are not feeling comfortable when it comes to late night times. With these services, you never face all these things. Limo hiring can help you in reaching destination when you want. For all these things, you need to hire the services by booking the limousine.

For availing all these benefits, you need to choose the best & quality service providing company. It can be possible with the help of online sources or getting reviews from the experts.

One of the largest producers of Crude Oil – Nigeria

Nigeria is an African country famous for its large population. While its size is 200 times smaller than Russia’s, it has pretty much the same population. The country was the cradle of one of the oldest civilizations, has a large ‘collection’ of butterflies, is the largest producer of crude oil and its landscapes filled with the wonders of wildlife never cease to amaze visitors. Still, despite its diverse attractions, Nigeria has gained a reputation for email fraud. Some emails asking for personal details, including bank accounts numbers, came from Nigeria and made the country infamous. In fact, this type of email fraud is called Nigerian scam.NIGERIA

Nigerians though are hard-working people, very respectful towards their peers. They love to socialize and spend time getting to know each other. When they run into one another on the street, they don’t just shake hands. If they’re close, they’ll hug, kiss and share stories of what they were up to lately. Refusing to follow this social ritual is beyond rude, so take your time. Depending on one’s religion or language, their speech patterns or formalities might change. Nigeria is very diverse. Hundreds of ethnic groups speak about 500 dialects. Communities like Yoruba have very distinctive traits, traditions and beliefs. Another example would be Muslim women, who don’t shake hands or talk to men on the street.

NIGERIAThe Olumo Rock is probably one of the most famous places in Nigeria. Here, people used to hide from slave traders and later on, find shelter during wars. National parks, such as Yankari or Osun forests, include many animal species, lakes, different types of plants and amazing landscapes. Lagos Islands remind Nigerians of slave trade; you can get there by using the Third Mainland Bridge, the largest one in Africa. A museum in Jos owns some well-conditioned artworks from Nok Culture.

How Marketers Are Missing Over Half Of Their Audience

To paraphrase a baseball analogy, the long held belief by marketers was that the 25-54 was their proverbial “sweet spot.” However times have changed and many marketers are now striking out.

How Marketers Are Missing Over Half Of Their Audience

It is ingrained into every marketer’s soul… the 25-54 is the most-desirable demographic. I don’t care what it is we’re selling we have to focus on this demo. I can tell you as one who worked in marketing departments of two Fortune 500 companies, this credo was hammered home on more than a few occasions.

But those marketers who still adhere to this antiquated edict are missing out of a pool of 180 million customers in the United States alone, this according to data from Nielsen.

According to Nielsen there is a general misconception regarding the under 25 as well as the over 54 demographic.

How Marketers Are Missing Over Half Of Their Audience

“A general understanding of those aged under 25 and over 54 is lacking. Many of the long-held beliefs about these groups’ purchasing and media habits are just plain wrong.”

“The over-55 age group is important not only because of their growth rate, but also because their value as consumers and their relevance as media users. The misconception is that spending drops for people in this age group, and that they’re set in their ways. But those in the 55+ age group are just as likely to switch brands as those aged 25-54, and the two groups’ buying rates almost match.”

In fact the data reveals that the 55 and over and 24 and under demographic have very much in common when it comes to their spending habits on consumer product goods (CPG).

How Marketers Are Missing Over Half Of Their Audience

And speaking of the younger crowd, Nielsen predicts that by January 2012 almost half of the 12-24 market will be multicultural compared to just 37% of the 25-54 market and 24% of the 55 plus market.

And don’t think this younger crowd isn’t worth paying attention to.

“This age group is extremely important as a point of entry for products and brands,” said Joe Stagaman of Nielsen. “Capturing the culture and attitudes of those in this group allows manufacturers and retailers to establish and build their brands with these consumers as they age.

There are some additional findings of note such as…

The 55 plus crowd spends the most time watching TV during a given day
And they spend more time online than do their younger counterparts
When it comes to purchasing an electronic device such as a tablet or smartphone, more families seek out the counsel of the younger demo
So, Mr. and Mrs. Marketer, are you ignoring the 180 million potential customers?

Are you including them in your strategies?

Europe’s Pending Destruction from Islamic Invasion

Europe’s Pending Destruction from Islamic Invasion The year is 732 AD and the Muslim invaders of the Umayyad Caliphate led by ‘Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi reach as far as the area between the French cities of Tours and Poitiers. After two days of conflict, they are defeated by the Franks and turned back.

This battle marked the high tide of the Muslim advance into Europe and, had they been victorious, it is likely Christianity would have survived only as a minor religion.

Europe is again facing a fight for its life but, due to the softness of Liberalism, it is unlikely to survive for a new invasion is underway – Muslim “refugees” from the Middle East:

Europe’s Pending Destruction from Islamic Invasion European nations are being flooded by immigrants. Locals are being kicked out of their homes in Germany and replaced with immigrants. Hotels are being forced to shut down so immigrants can move in there. Garbage is piling up and the people are witnessing the beginning of the end of their way of life.

Don’t think for a moment that this is not intentional. Leftist multiculturalists want it… jihadists need it… misguided Liberals see it as “saving the world.”

What Muslims could not do 1,200 year ago they will do now.