25th Anniversary Vacation Ideas

25th Anniversary Vacation Ideas

25th Anniversary Vacation Ideas ¬†Twenty-five years is a major accomplishment. Celebrate in style by indulging in the vacation of your dreams. Create a second honeymoon, visit that exotic location you’ve always wanted to see, or revisit your original honeymoon location. Alternately, recapture your youth with an adventure vacation, or do something meaningful and go on a volunteer vacation. If money is tight, try sticking close to home and visiting that bed-and-breakfast you’ve always wanted to try. Whichever you choose, your 25th wedding anniversary is sure to be something you’ll remember for the next 25 years.

Second honeymoon
Splurge on your anniversary and go on a dream honeymoon. Make it all about the romance by selecting a couples-only cruise, or stay in a small beachfront cabin in Hawaii. Alternately, indulge in a luxury spa resort in the Caribbean, one for couples only. Be sure to budget for a romantic dinner for two, as well as for some beautiful lingerie. Finally, consider renewing your vows. This would be a perfect time and location to re-commit your lives to one another.

25th Anniversary Vacation Ideas First honeymoon, revisited
Re-create your first honeymoon, right down to the budget hotel, the restaurants you ate at and the tourist shops you visited. This is sure to bring back a lot of fun memories of your youth. If you’d like to upgrade it a bit, consider spending one night in the original hotel “for old times’ sake” and then moving on to a more luxurious location. Try to retrace your steps and participate in the same activities you did the first time around.

Recapture your youth
Feel young again by participating in an adventure vacation (see the link in the Resources section below for some adventure vacation companies). Go hang gliding or parasailing, or for something a bit tamer, try rounding up cattle at a dude ranch. You’re only as young as you feel, and adventure vacations can make you feel very young indeed.

25th Anniversary Vacation Ideas Volunteer vacation
Give back a little of what you’ve been blessed with by celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary with a volunteer vacation. These vacations feature time spent volunteering to help a community, usually one in a third-world country. Whether it’s playing with children in an orphanage or digging a well for a village, you are sure to create treasured memories, as well as cementing your marriage with the knowledge that you worked together for the good of others. See the link in the Resources section below for organizations that host volunteer vacations.

Sometimes the best vacations are close to home, especially if money is tight. Try spending one or two nights in a nearby bed-and-breakfast created for couples only. Take in a musical in a nearby city, or spend the day celebrating at a sporting event. Become a tourist in your own city for the day, and just enjoy being with each other.